T4F: yeah. I’m thirteen again.

3 May 10


manila, may 2, 2010 – tonight, my kuya, SIL and my bestie cheche watched the dynamic duo tears for fears at the araneta coliseum. oh boy, they did not dissapoint. save for a few songs from their latest album that I didn’t quite dig, the trouble was all worth it.

we left kawit at exactly 5:00pm so that we have ample time to get to araneta for the 8:00pm show. since there’s the megamall sale, we figured it was good enough allowance for travel time. well, the trouble began when we reached guadalupe. traffic suddenly turtle-paced and it was horrific! nagtaka lang ako bakit ganun ang gapang namin. turns out, the yellow ones are having a miting de avance at the white plains. kwenta byahe, guadalupe to white plains was freaking 1½ hours. during this time, the four of us practically covered all the burning gossips going around our town. good times. haha.

parking was another problem when we got to araneta. so my kuya said that the three of us better just go inside the dome and secure our seats while he waits for an open slot. maybe I was just so worried we were going to be late, I mistakenly fell in line where the posh tickets are – eh, gen ad lang kami. anyway, we found our gate, got in and settled. 

pupil was on. ely was great, oks pa din but my heart belongs to the original eraserheads band. anyway, we were famished so my SIL ate kerol got us bonggang siopao and iced tea from the in-house food stall.  there was this big burly guy right infront of me who kept on nudging my knees with his elbows. I think he did that about 100 times during the entire show. but I got my revenge when cheche accidentally whipped him with her fan. he soon expired, as I can now smell a whiff of “asim” emanating from his multi-folded nape. but that’s okay, I was having fun!

they sang a fitting encore, as the song shout brought the house down. I had a hoarse voice after the show. roland orzabal said the word “mabuhay”, a pre-requisite for every foreign act coming to the philippines. my kuya was so glad he watched his favorite duo, to think that he always hesitated everytime I asked him to come watch them with me. he can’t stop raving about it on our way home. so. am I a great sister or what?

then he asked: “si mia prats from bagets yung nasa likod ko kanina, napansin nyo ba?”

us: “oo.”

kuya: “kapatid ba siya ni john prats?”

me: *snicker*

oh, brother.



who do you PINK you are?

6 August 09


pink cover

scusi, for lack of a better blog post title today 🙂

to be continued


random wednesday 48

15 July 09


hello! just random vids from you tube. suggest you watch these during the most dragging time of your day today. enjoy!

britney spears outta be proud:

seriously, this is a new video but reeks of the 80’s era. from the group who sang “barbie girl”, aqua. fun lyrics 😀

babies up ahead. di lang ako sure sa evian commercial – creeps me out. 

MJ at his pogie-est! at ang lupet ng outfit. and may I say a video that you can watch over and over again. hypnotic baga:

another literally translated song. one of my faves back in the day: 

midweek! 😉



10 July 09


the office pantry, at 10:00am today. aircon’s too cold. no, make that waaay too cold!

scene Ime pouring brewed coffee into my mug. enter manong guard.

scene II(pours cold water into his bottle) and he sings:

DOO-BEE-DOO-BEE-DOO, aaaah-haaa-haaah.

bongga si manong! 

here’s the layout I submitted for SM idol09 round 2. the challenge was all about the 3Rs: reuse, reduce & recycle.

in my quest to save mother earth (ok, ok, I’ll stop na), I only used very meager materials1 cardstock, 1 patterned paper, 1 embellishment [used 2 ways], and 1 re-purposed scrapbooking material (i.e. packaging, etc):


and I made it to round 3! yay 😀

see the details of my entry here and all the other amazing entries on this round here. pinay creativity overload! woohoo!

studio azul’s scrap buffet tomorrow!


random wednesday 47

1 July 09


it hit me much too late, I guess.

gone too soon

as I was driving alone last sunday, I heard michael jackson’s song “gone too soon” over the radio. almost instantly, I turned up the radio’s volume, put both my hands back on the steering wheel at 10-2 position and listened. before I knew it, I was already misty-eyed. I don’t want to sound corny to you and all, but man…. THE michael jackson is DEAD. and no one can ever replace him, not even after my own generation’s wiped out from the face of the earth. 

like lola madonna, MJ also figured quite indelibly in my young life. we danced to the tune of “smooth criminal” back in senior high – I was the only girl in a group of 8 boys (seriously), and I was in costume no less, for total performance; I knew the dance steps to PYT* (pretty young thing), and I watched a good friend rehearse “thriller” every other night back in the day. even helped fine tune the tissue masking for his make-up to achieve the zombie effect for his performance gala. aahmemories. sigh.

* PYT inspired layout from 2007

and I want to get hold of this TIME magazine limited edition issue on MJ. hitting newsstands in the U.S., 29 june:

time mag MJ

for those of you who’s not familiar with the song “gone too soon”, go here 

ok, tuning out of the sad mode now.

this guy is the world’s smallest bodybuilder:


yeah, baby!

pint-sized muscleman aditya “romeo” dev of phagwara, india is curently the holder of this title. kung ako ikaw, I wouldn’t mess with this guy. kaka-afraid.


it’s not a problem of mine, but if it is yours, then there’s this rather odd product you might want to consider for yourself: the kush support. notice the different sizes? I won’t tell you what the product is for, so go figure it out 😉

lastly, here’s a video of a cute kid doing a freaky dance repertoire:

midweek! 😀


the reckoning of an icon

26 June 09



no matter what happened, and no matter what he didhe was like the supernova, who’s bigger than life itself.

via new york times

random wednesday 45

17 June 09


last weekend, tffee helped me watch over bailey as the puppy ate her lunch. all of a sudden tffee asked me, “ninang, can we take bailey out of her jail?”

napatawa ako ng bonggang bongga. then tffee smirked, followed by her signature pout. I just hugged her and said that the jail is for humans while a cage is for animals. so there. 

remember my post about barbie’s 50th birthday picture? I found a better rendition:

aged barbie  

and a matching body that is age-appropriate:

aged barbie full

this one is all for fun, so watch closely:



cool, noh?

may I interest you about ryan seacrest? here’s a photo of a younger ryan… ang taba niya ha. 


seacrest out!

this is for all you kids of the 80’s. you’re the only ones who can truly appreciate it. a litereal version of the MTV of bonnie tyler’e “total eclipse of the heart”. it’s so hilarious!

first seen on chico garcia’s blog:

this is the most bonggacious news of the year for me: victorinox swiss army watches from switzerland pays tribute to manny pacquiao by producing a special limited edition watch, the “pacman” maverick II chrono. only 1,000 units will be sold beginning june 1, 2009. this is the first time that an internationally-known brand lends its name to a filipino champion and has a special collection designed for him.

mp signing

pacman chrono

retails at $950.00 on ebay. winner!

stay dry everyone! dear and I went up to tagaytay today to visit the pink sisters convent, and it was raining all the way 🙂 maulan ang aming anniversary.