random wednesday 37



last weekend, tffee excitedly told me that mama (that’s my mum) bought her new math books to learn. I then asked her if she read and studied it already, she said yes. so I asked: “sige nga, sampol.”

tffee:  mulltiCLICKPIcation po chaka division, yung DIDvide-DIDvide po, ninang.

she proceeded by reciting some tables to me which was quite impressive. haaay, ang cute talaga ng pampangkin ko 😀 wahahaha.


soap mouse from taiwan (about $6.00). quite a novelty if you are a computer geek. I can just imagine how it must feel taking a shower using this. but I’m not a computer geek. so you see, I am just blabbering 😉


did you know that there is a new technology on clothing? SPF, or sun protection factor is now inching it’s way into the retail market. I found this site here and another one here that sells clothes with SPF as high as 45. in my own research, I also found out that normal earthlings (that’s you & me) wear clothes with a default SPF6 on them. we need at least SPF30 to protect us from everyday exposure to UV rays. so we are in deep trouble, hey?


you must’ve heard/read about it. bongga si boyet. his brouhaha did the rounds of the blogosphere already and inadvertently the bloggers have “crucified” him to kingdom come and back. his lawyer ricky rivera (boyet fajardo + ricky riveraparang mga taga-that’s entertainment) said it was just a “creative outburst”. sure. it was so creative that the commission on human rights (CHR) is already after his client. you think boyet deserves to be punished for his “creative outburst”? if you believe it’s such a lame excuse, your guess is as good as mine.


lovin’ this quirky girl katy perry. cut after cut, her debut album “one of the boys” is slowly but surely growing on me. I also think she makes a fabulous pin-up girl judging from her numerous publicity photos. at ang taray ng lash extensions ng lola!

move aside, mariah… arjohn gilbert is here. the aeta boy is making ripples on youtube. was even featured in the latest episode of jessica soho’s show. he can really sing, and can even do a mean rihanna rendition. he just needs a little work on his “Ps” and “Fs”. but the showmanship is f-l-a-w-l-e-s-s 🙂 check him out:

midweek, peeps! go do something productive.




2 Responses to random wednesday 37

  1. Sheryl says:

    Galing ni Arjohn. He could easily become the next youtube sensation after Charise. 🙂 Well, maybe a few more years of exposure and practice. But really, he has potential,lots of it!

  2. Sheryl says:

    Re: Boyet Fajardo- I say there is NO excuse for bad manners, no matter who you are, what you do, and where you come from.:-)

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