random wednesday 40



I pity ricky hatton. to begin with, his coach was habitually late for their trainings. and now, there are reports that flloyd mayweather sr. didn’t even bother to accompany hatton to the hospital after he was knocked out unconscious by pacman on the second round of their recently concluded east vs. west fight. kawawa


so, did you like martin nievera’s rendition of the lupang hinirang? binatikos na siya at kung sino man ang arranger na “umareglo” sa ating pambansang awit. to quote NHI section 37, chapter III of R.A. 8491, or the flag and heraldic code of the philippines, “the rendition of the national anthem, whether played or sung, shall be in accordance with the musical arrangement and composition of julian felipe.”. maliwanag naman kaysa sa sikat ng araw, di ba? here, in this very essence of simple nationalism is where our problem lie. you don’t have to reinvent the wheel because it is already rolling, if I may say so myself.   

scored these CDs yesterday:


can you imagine she-bop on acoustics?! totally cool. and there’s a lot of collab including sarah mclachlan. next ay ang bagong-bagong…


the eurythmics! wait, gotta check out my spellingyeah. correct naman. I used to have a hard time spelling it out back in highschool. but man, I sure know the dance steps for the song “here comes the rain again” 😉


chillaxin’ music from john mayer. and for Php50.00 a piece at astrovision in megamall, I am definitely going back for more. 


I am a sucker for the au naturelle, dirt cheap means of detoxifying the hardened body. you might recall I tried the banana diet before. although my primary aim was to improve my cholesterol levels and eventually slim down, the latter didn’t quite happen. I’m still glad I tried it. but I must say I can’t eat bananas everyday! lest I swing from tree to tree very soon and have that urge to pick the headlice of somebody.

now, I have heard a lot of good stories about the wonders of drinking wheatgrass, and I want to try. here’s a site I found that breakdowns the advantages it can do to our body. my favorite is no. 28. for all of you rockers out there, no. 40 might be bad news for you, hahaha.  

appreciate if you can tell me more about this wonder “damo”




One Response to random wednesday 40

  1. Marix says:

    haven’t watched the fight, kaintriga un, e bat nmn kc pinakiaalaman un arrangement, haay pinoy nga naman, hey i like she-bop! and acoustic? really best of both worlds, mahanap nga yan
    oh yeah the eurythmics, magreminisce ba?
    thanks for another fun insights bjay, take care!

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