T4F: yeah. I’m thirteen again.

3 May 10


manila, may 2, 2010 – tonight, my kuya, SIL and my bestie cheche watched the dynamic duo tears for fears at the araneta coliseum. oh boy, they did not dissapoint. save for a few songs from their latest album that I didn’t quite dig, the trouble was all worth it.

we left kawit at exactly 5:00pm so that we have ample time to get to araneta for the 8:00pm show. since there’s the megamall sale, we figured it was good enough allowance for travel time. well, the trouble began when we reached guadalupe. traffic suddenly turtle-paced and it was horrific! nagtaka lang ako bakit ganun ang gapang namin. turns out, the yellow ones are having a miting de avance at the white plains. kwenta byahe, guadalupe to white plains was freaking 1½ hours. during this time, the four of us practically covered all the burning gossips going around our town. good times. haha.

parking was another problem when we got to araneta. so my kuya said that the three of us better just go inside the dome and secure our seats while he waits for an open slot. maybe I was just so worried we were going to be late, I mistakenly fell in line where the posh tickets are – eh, gen ad lang kami. anyway, we found our gate, got in and settled. 

pupil was on. ely was great, oks pa din but my heart belongs to the original eraserheads band. anyway, we were famished so my SIL ate kerol got us bonggang siopao and iced tea from the in-house food stall.  there was this big burly guy right infront of me who kept on nudging my knees with his elbows. I think he did that about 100 times during the entire show. but I got my revenge when cheche accidentally whipped him with her fan. he soon expired, as I can now smell a whiff of “asim” emanating from his multi-folded nape. but that’s okay, I was having fun!

they sang a fitting encore, as the song shout brought the house down. I had a hoarse voice after the show. roland orzabal said the word “mabuhay”, a pre-requisite for every foreign act coming to the philippines. my kuya was so glad he watched his favorite duo, to think that he always hesitated everytime I asked him to come watch them with me. he can’t stop raving about it on our way home. so. am I a great sister or what?

then he asked: “si mia prats from bagets yung nasa likod ko kanina, napansin nyo ba?”

us: “oo.”

kuya: “kapatid ba siya ni john prats?”

me: *snicker*

oh, brother.




2 June 08

together with dear, my mum and my two nieces, ia & tffee, we watched the philippine staging of wanders at the pagcor grand theater airport casino filipino. although we arrived 10 minutes before the 8pm call time, the show didn’t start until a bit past 8:30PM. medyo konti pa lang ang tao to think it was a saturday.

but as soon as it started, it was such a spectacle! I haven’t been this excited watching a live musical/fantasy show since disney on ice. I felt like a kid again. I couldn’t stop clapping. I think at the end of the show, I could hardly feel my palms. this for me is the closest to a vegas show I can sink my teeth into. I kept bugging my 5year old niece, tffee to ask if she’s enjoying the show, she would just give me the double thumbs up. and I zap a double thumbs up right back at her – para akong bata talaga 😀

my favorite performance of the night will be the aerial number, while frenchie dy (remember her? she’s one of the local talents in the lot) was singing la vie en rose. ay, galeng! I was gasping in awe. I was afraid for the performers because I keep playing in my head that they will let go of the satin harness while doing their thing. you know that feeling when you start imagining things like ally macbeal? happens to me all the time.

an hour or so into the show, the theater was SRO!

catch the show if you can, and bring the kids! it’s no cirque du soleil, but it’s awesome just the same. plus cute chinese guys and the maneouvres are also performing *wink*. and since I enjoyed the show immensely, I even shook the conductor’s hand when I met him at the lobby. odevah, feeling close! poor guy, nagulat ata. but you know the best part of it all? we’re almost upfront and our tickets were free!

so thanks, eric! my dearest-test-est friend! 😀


shows are every wednesday, friday & saturday and it will run until december 29, 2008. tickets available at ticketnet and pagcor. ticket price starts at Php1,200 +tax