random wednesday 47


it hit me much too late, I guess.

gone too soon

as I was driving alone last sunday, I heard michael jackson’s song “gone too soon” over the radio. almost instantly, I turned up the radio’s volume, put both my hands back on the steering wheel at 10-2 position and listened. before I knew it, I was already misty-eyed. I don’t want to sound corny to you and all, but man…. THE michael jackson is DEAD. and no one can ever replace him, not even after my own generation’s wiped out from the face of the earth. 

like lola madonna, MJ also figured quite indelibly in my young life. we danced to the tune of “smooth criminal” back in senior high – I was the only girl in a group of 8 boys (seriously), and I was in costume no less, for total performance; I knew the dance steps to PYT* (pretty young thing), and I watched a good friend rehearse “thriller” every other night back in the day. even helped fine tune the tissue masking for his make-up to achieve the zombie effect for his performance gala. aahmemories. sigh.

* PYT inspired layout from 2007

and I want to get hold of this TIME magazine limited edition issue on MJ. hitting newsstands in the U.S., 29 june:

time mag MJ

for those of you who’s not familiar with the song “gone too soon”, go here 

ok, tuning out of the sad mode now.

this guy is the world’s smallest bodybuilder:


yeah, baby!

pint-sized muscleman aditya “romeo” dev of phagwara, india is curently the holder of this title. kung ako ikaw, I wouldn’t mess with this guy. kaka-afraid.


it’s not a problem of mine, but if it is yours, then there’s this rather odd product you might want to consider for yourself: the kush support. notice the different sizes? I won’t tell you what the product is for, so go figure it out 😉

lastly, here’s a video of a cute kid doing a freaky dance repertoire:

midweek! 😀



4 Responses to random wednesday 47

  1. Marix says:

    hi bjay, thanks for the thoughts and prayers 🙂
    Yeah MJ is MJ ket ano pang hoopla ang mga nangyari sa buhay nya, he’ll always be a part of my growing up years.
    happy midweek!

  2. Liza says:

    naku you’re right there bjay, no one can ever replace the king of pop! naku kapatid, if you get hold of that time magazine, sama mo naman ako! serious ako ha! 😀

  3. polinka says:

    I really feel the same…
    We’ll miss MJ so much!!

  4. mickey says:

    michael jackson 4eva lv u michaek for evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    the best person to ever live gone tosoooooooon =(

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