and if you’re interested…

I live in the historic town of kawit, cavite. I have one cool bro whose 3 kids I claim mine. and I love my mum very much.

scrapbooking takes most of my weekend. and I think in the advent of creating this blog, in turn will take time off my scrapbooking. facebook has also slowed me down. so if I have erratic entries, you know where to find me!

I like to amuse myself by observing everything around me. to some it can be information overload, but to me it’s just simply life’s way of making things interesting. blink and you will be left behind. I keep mine wide-open. 

I am a corporate slave 5x a week. but on weekends, I become an entrepreneur. so ask me about facepainting and or event hosting. I might be of help to you 🙂 

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, too.


43 Responses to and if you’re interested…

  1. Joanne Yap says:

    am on the floor laughing with some of your lines — its like hearing you say it and bloody hell — you are simply hilarious!

    the humor the livelyness of this blog is worth reading — its like a morning caffeine fix that you need to keep your day going,…

    keep blogging and have some more pics or layouts why dont you — color color is good !

    love ya mare
    miss ka na ng inaanak — kulit na bawas na tantrum pero mas tumino na!
    thank goodness!

  2. bjay says:

    mars kong joani, thanks for hopping in here! glad I can still tickle you cybernetically (duh-may word bang ganito?). kasi alam ko mababaw ang kaligayahan mo, noh 🙂 hugs to the boys!

  3. Pearl says:

    hi bjay! i will definitely bookmark your blog… para pag sobrang toxic sa office – ops! – teka muna at mag daily bjay-dose muna ako.
    i envy you.. you write so eloquently with such wit and humor. sana ako rin.. huhuhu..
    have a great one! 🙂

  4. bjay says:

    hey pearl! thanks for visiting. please check back often or better yet, have a vaca here in pinas 🙂

  5. Ems says:

    Oh ha…is this a miracle or what…yipee! I’m alive!…malamang sa kakapost ko ng comment…ma-block hehehe

  6. Alby says:

    Hi Bjay! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. My personal favorite so far is your post on Madonna. Haha! Naluha ako sa katatawa. My husband probably thinks his wife has gone berserk. Anyway, I definitely will check back often. Can’t wait to read your next post.

  7. bjay says:

    hello, kabayang alby! thanks for visiting my blog. sa totoo lang, pigil na pigil pa ako niyan. heehee 🙂 hope to see you soon!

  8. sandrayu says:

    hi bjay..

    i just happened to click the another tab..and then I saw ur profile. . wow! kaka inspire ka naman. u do face painting and event hosting..sayang! if i only knew…how talented..pati sa pag scrap. I wish I could do something like that….

    God bless


  9. bjay says:

    hi, sands! I am just thankful I can do these things and earn extra from it too 🙂 thanks for the appreciation! see you sa scrapfest!

  10. leasanders says:

    Just came by to say “hi”. I wish I could understand everything you’re writing, but alas, I don’t! I’ll have to call my mom and ask her to translate for me. =)

  11. bjay says:

    hi, lea! thanks for dropping by! hope you get the hang of tagalog soon. it’ll fun to be around the elders and grasp a bit of what they’re fussing about. take care!

  12. Lea Sanders says:

    OH! Do you have an archive of your “Gamitan Mo Today” words? They’re a hoot! I don’t have any Filipino friends here in the Washington, D.C. area, so trying the words out just doesn’t feel right. My hubby (white boy) and I laugh when we try to use the words in English sentences! (hee hee!)

  13. airees says:

    Hi bjay! Thanks for dropping by my cbox. Musta na? I’m trying to “get back” from my hiatus but I think I may have to take some more time. But I do visit your blogs – keeps me sane. hehehe. Hope to see you soon. Ingat.

  14. bjay says:

    hey, airees! babalik yang rhythm mo… you’ll see 😀

  15. phylline says:

    hello sis! thanks for the birthday greetings 🙂 havent really totally resurrected yet… havent scrapped for ages nor have i done any photo shoots. i’m attending the scrapfest though, which may be a signal to reconnect with the scrapping world of talented ladies. hopefully, i can do another break-in layout again…miss you sis, see yah soon!

    nb. sorry i’ve only added your link to my blog now… but it’s there!!!!!

  16. bjay says:

    naku, ateng! nabuhay ka! aba’y kundi ka nagparamdam tapos um-appear ka sa scrapfest, baka magtatakbo ako sa takot 😀 nice to “see” you back!

  17. marian says:

    Hi Bjay,Thanks for dropping by. You have such an interesting blog. And you do face painting?Wow maybe you should have a booth at the next scrapfest. I’ve never had my face painted. Sounds like fun. I’m sure you’re a great party host too.

  18. bjay says:

    hi, tita marian! thanks for the visit. I hope to facepaint you one day soon 😀

  19. Rox says:

    hi bjay kalog mo naman enjoy ako basahin ang posts mo at…na uupdate ako sa nangyayari sa Pinas!!! Congrats for winning Kaya 13!

  20. bjay says:

    thanx, rox! -> see, I matched it with your name 😀

    please check back often. salamat ulit sa dalaw.

  21. tna says:

    kakatuwa ka talaga….hihi…

    naiimagine na kita nagsasalita…hehe…

    keep the cyber space livelier, bjay 😀

  22. bjay says:

    hi, teena! you and the gang’s comments are the fuel of this blog. if my readers are having fun, then I too, am having a blast! 😀

    sha tama na baka magka-iyakan pa tayo 😀

  23. olive says:

    mareng bjay, ayan in-update ko na ung blog ko. nahiya naman ako at mukha nga naman palang naulila. hahaha…kamusta ka na at ang mga biiks mo? hayaan mo pag may napadpad akong kamag-anak dito, padadalhan kita ulit ng mga biiks na unique.


  24. bjay says:

    hey, mareng olive! aysus, salamat naman at “nabuhay” ka! the biiks are doing fine, getting bigger in number, albeit mabagal kasi wala ng magagandang baboy dito 😦 so kung dadagdagan mo ulit my collection, YAHUUUUUU!!! thanks, mare. hope you can visit us here soon! 😀

  25. olive says:

    sige, alam mo naman ako laman ng mga flea markets at discount stores na nagbebenta ng mga unique finds.

  26. betchay says:

    Hi Bjay! Thanks for dropping by and for the comment. Yup, i went to fuji mega with my hubby BJ ( parehas pa kayo name).Tagal ko na gusto mag message sa bloggie mo, hindi ko mahanap yong message box…hehehe, finally asawa ko pa ang nagsabi sa akin kung saan… Nasabi na nila lahat….Cool blog site…Lupet! para sayo yan word na yan…alam mo, sa hubby ko lang at sa mga taga pasig ko naririneg yan word na yan…hehehe…Lupet mo talaga! Thanks again for the visit…i’ll link you ha!

  27. Candy says:

    Talaga, Bjay, whenever I feel that life seems to close in on me, all I have to do is go visit your blog and I find myself laughing to kingdom come! Bow ako talaga sa iyo!!!

  28. bjay says:

    hey, betchay! wow, para masabihan ng “malupet” ng mga taga-pasig ay isang karangalan para sa akin! 😀 haha. seriously, salamat talaga. see ya in mega sometime!

  29. bjay says:

    hey, keyndi! thanks for all the encouraging words. you’re perkiness is contagious and for that, ako’y thankful. activate naman the open ID in your blog. di ako maka-comment, eh!

  30. cosette says:

    hi bjay! just blog hoppin… Your blog is really entertaining! 🙂 thanks for spreading joy heehee

  31. Olive says:

    mare, belated happy birthday! syempre late na naman ang lola mo but sabi nga nila “better late than never!!!” i hope you had a blast!

  32. Liza says:

    Hi Bjay! I have an award for you over at my blog. Thanks! 😀

  33. Jilly says:

    hello bjay! grabe kakaaliw naman dito. hindi lang pala kakaaliw, kakaadik din. i’ll get back here often sigurado. great job on your blog and on your layouts too! =)

  34. LHY says:

    hey there bjay…hope you still remember me…..grabe, bago ko nahanap itong site eh sandamakmak na links na kung ano-ano ang napuntahan ko 😦 nabingi (read : natanga) yata ako nung idinikta ni macol ang site, hehehe….(excited kasi sa mga chika…)
    anyways, kaka aliw ka talaga eversince…not to mention nakaka inggit ang artistic talents…(well, i can’t have it all, hahaha! ) and i can’t wait to see you hosting ( i hope nasabi na ni macol sa iyo :-)))
    kaka enjoy magbasa, can’t wait for the next entry…take care!!

  35. Olive says:

    mare, i sent the cloth with the bbox na lang. naisip ko kasi, alam mo naman pag balikbayan, busy for sure sa mga gimiks with family and friends so baka di magtugma schedule nyo. at least pag sa bbox, you’ll get it on time.

  36. Olive says:

    in-activate ko na…hahaha! pasensya na at ang lola mo medyo mahina sa mga ganyan ganyan.

  37. Olive says:

    uy ang bilis dumating ng box!

  38. Florence Ramos says:

    Hi, Love your new blog. I spotted 5 differences in the pictures namely:
    1. water level in the jug are not the same.
    2. eyeglasses is missing in the other picture
    3. small pink container moved or not in the same place
    4. pig lid or cover not in the same position
    5. the spoon is missing in the other picture
    Thanks for the nice game.

  39. I love your site. Keep it up !

  40. olive says:

    congratulations for being the 3rd scrappin moms idol winner…idol ka talaga and you truly deserve it.

    p.s.mag-FB ka naman…=)

  41. ellaine jose says:

    Hayz been reading like crazy ..tawa ako ng tawa sa kinauupuan ko mars.sensya na i dont have blog but i love reading..hanggang dun lang kaya ko lolz.keep it up mare.kisses from ur inaanak Gio.Dami nya awards nakuha from the last family day nag awarding.Best in drawing,first place in math Multiplication 1-10 and also first place in’s that mare ko??ahemm,,,

  42. Lorraine Santos says:


    I came across your blog and would like to invite you to our Markdown Madness Sale event next week from March 1-4, 2010. Enjoy up to 70% Off on Skechers,Ecko Unltd., Zoo York and more!

    For more information, you can email me at

    Hope you could share this with your readers as well.

    See you there!


    Lorraine ; )

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