random wednesday 42 (updated!)


jawline - Copy

I miss my jawline. it used to be there below the apple of my cheeks but I don’t see it anymore.

I have gained momentum again in terms of poundage. I guess it really comes with age. losing weight keeps on getting harder and harder by the day, and putting on the unwanted meat on the other hand, is just like blowing a kiss in the wind. too easy. kainez.   

must. run. eat. less. break. a. sweat. yeah. dream. on.

anyway, I am not coveting a barbie-like figure. I just want to target my ideal weight of 130lbs and I’m good to go. incidentally, barbie’s celebrating her 50th birthday this year and I found a picture of her that perfectly cements the fact she is indeed half-a-century old already! check it out:

barbie at 50

ang galing, noh?


this is old news. I even made an entry about how I love the CBS series dexter some time ago. I still super love it and just finished its 3rd installment. what creeps me out is the fact that dexter married his “sister” debra. they got hitched early this year and I can’t believe I’ve known about it just now. talk about über lateness. now I don’t know how I will react when I start watching season 4. ugh.


attention all facebook users!

new studies show that your facebook profile can reveal so much of the “real” you based on the tone of your entries, the variety of pictures you post, and the manner by which your interaction with your viewers are being rendered out. 

pwede. I don’t have a facebook account (nor friendster, nor twitter). I just don’t see the need for me to create one. I see it as an added responsibility on my part to keep up about everything with everybody in the most updated way possible. no offense to my friends who maintains these networking facilities — truth is, I admire them for their tenacity.

pero pwede nga. because you can actually tell a lot about a person by the way s/he carries out her little niche on the world wide web. so you see, to be able to maintain that niche, you have to be diligent in keeping it interesting, be able to observe certain cyber-protocols and be ready to declare yourself a full-fledged netizen. otherwise, it’s mediocrity. read more about the report here.     


anyway, will you drink from this glass with pustiso-shaped ice? 😀lego

this one’s cute though. but here’s another cutie for you:

adam, ano ba talaga

he’s very talented, no argument about it. but his tounge splashing each time he hits the high notes really disturb me. below is adam lambert pre-eyeliner and cakey-foundation days back when he was in highschool.

hmmm. mej, noh?

midweek, peeps! what are your weekend plans? 



4 Responses to random wednesday 42 (updated!)

  1. Alby says:

    Cool yung pustiso ice!

    I missed Random Wednesday last week. 😀

    This weekend, we’re off to Laiya, San Juan, Batangas with my in-laws. But since I’ve just recovered from a bout with flu (I was high on antibiotics and cough syrup for a full week!), I plan to just sit by the beach with a Neil Gaiman book and/or edit photos for posting in my blogs. 😀

  2. Alby says:

    Oh, and I do have facebook. 😀 I love it! I got reconnected to my high school friends through it.

  3. Barbie says:

    Hi, Bjay! I love visiting here, you’ve so much fun stuff. I’ve been devoted to Facebook for a while… (Alby’s my Restaurant City Friend!) and I’ve actually reconnected with elementary and high school friends. The bad part about FB is that it has so many apps that sometimes real info about people you really want to hear from gets buried under tons of useless noise.

    I miss blogging. Haaaay, FB, you have misled me! wahehehee.

    Sabi ko nga, I’ll never try the website “second life”. With my addictive personality, pag nag-second life ako, baka mawalan ako ng first life.

    Have a great weekend, dear! 🙂 We’re moving bedrooms this weekend – to get away from the karaoke joints that magically transform the street beneath our old bedroom into bars at night. Sleep, here I come!

  4. Ems says:

    My flight is delayed! Just had a foot massage here in Cebu Int’l Airport. Found a free internet nook c/o SmartBro but only for 15 mins. So here I am! Blonde pala Adam, he looks like an ordinary Am boy…he’s dramatic and more beautiful (pun intended) na dark haired. Sya, see you Sunday!

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