postscript to random wednesday 35


something happened when a bunch of white balloons were released for francisM. if you have a full 9 minutes to spare, watch. the most amazing surprise is at the very end. believe it.


peace out, francisM!



7 Responses to postscript to random wednesday 35

  1. Mei Ann says:

    Hi Bjay,

    Nakakaiyak naman ito! Francis M was part of my growing up years. I learned how to rap {kahit di bagay sa akin!}just to be cool at the height of “Mga Kababayan”. He is indeed a legacy and a true son of our beloved Pilipinas! Thanks for sharing.

  2. lee i says:

    wow! tumayo mga balahibo ko. how appropriate. you think he was guiding the balloons? rest in peace, francis.

  3. Olive says:

    unbelievable….a true Filipino!

  4. Barbie says:

    I watched this yesterday in the office… naiyak talaga ako and our staff must have wondered what was up with me. He was a real icon of Filipino culture and music.

    Rest in peace, Kiko. May you walk with eyes of light in the everdark, may you touch our minds freely, and may you welcome your loved ones at the end of their journey.

  5. Pearl says:

    i’ll have to wait til i get home to watch this (ayaw magpakita sa pc ko sa office)..
    i actually gasped out loud when i read in that he passed away. like most of you guys he was an icon in my adolescent years. when i think about highschool, i have ‘mga kababayan’ & ‘cold summer nights’ as background music. his songs always brings back memories of the good old times when i was young and carefree.
    may he rest in peace and may his family find the courage to live the days knowing that he’s no longer with them.

  6. Gracie says:

    Naiyak naman ako sa video. Honestly I rarely watch shows from GMA but I’ve been a fan of Francis M. mula nung bata pa ko. Francis M. will truly be missed. Ang ganda nung pagka-form ng balloons at the end.

  7. maybs says:

    OMG! Wala pa ang map ng Philippines, I already saw its distinctive outline! Kinilatuban din ako sis! Thanks for sharing!

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