random wednesday 45


last weekend, tffee helped me watch over bailey as the puppy ate her lunch. all of a sudden tffee asked me, “ninang, can we take bailey out of her jail?”

napatawa ako ng bonggang bongga. then tffee smirked, followed by her signature pout. I just hugged her and said that the jail is for humans while a cage is for animals. so there. 

remember my post about barbie’s 50th birthday picture? I found a better rendition:

aged barbie  

and a matching body that is age-appropriate:

aged barbie full

this one is all for fun, so watch closely:



cool, noh?

may I interest you about ryan seacrest? here’s a photo of a younger ryan… ang taba niya ha. 


seacrest out!

this is for all you kids of the 80’s. you’re the only ones who can truly appreciate it. a litereal version of the MTV of bonnie tyler’e “total eclipse of the heart”. it’s so hilarious!

first seen on chico garcia’s blog:

this is the most bonggacious news of the year for me: victorinox swiss army watches from switzerland pays tribute to manny pacquiao by producing a special limited edition watch, the “pacman” maverick II chrono. only 1,000 units will be sold beginning june 1, 2009. this is the first time that an internationally-known brand lends its name to a filipino champion and has a special collection designed for him.

mp signing

pacman chrono

retails at $950.00 on ebay. winner!

stay dry everyone! dear and I went up to tagaytay today to visit the pink sisters convent, and it was raining all the way 🙂 maulan ang aming anniversary.


2 Responses to random wednesday 45

  1. Lhy says:

    oh yeah, anniversary niyo nga pala no? belated happy anniv!! how time flies, and you’re stronger than ever!! kainggit 🙂 miss you guys!!! ingats lagi…

  2. yvette says:

    that literal vid is so hilarious! a friend posted it on fb a while ago and i almost peed my pants from laughing so hard. what’s so great is that i got all the jokes hehe tama ka, di masyadong magegets ng mga bagets ngayon

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