random wednesday 29: the banana files (and some sneaks)


I’m on the banana diet – on day 2, to be exact. dear came across a local show featuring the advantages of the banana diet. it’s been the rave in japan for many months now, and they are heavily importing our very own philippine banana (the best kind in the world) for crying out loud. subsequently, our export business for the fruit have increased exponentially as well.

in simpler tems, eating 2-3 bananas for breakfast followed by a warm glass of water everyday can help you lose weight. it can lower your blood cholesterol levels therefore decreasing your chances of getting a heart disease, alleviate muscle cramps and up your energy for the day. and not to mention the glorious fiber it can add to your system to aid you in doing an effortless no. 2.

now, I don’t really {heart} bananas, except for when I have it in a boat-like dish topped with 3 scoops of multi-colored ice cream, sprinkled with cherries, crushed pineapples and with a drizzle of chocolate syrup. but acknowledging the advantages it can do for my body now is unrelentless. currently I weigh between 135-138 lbs. (there, there I said it!), and at 5ft 4inches in height, I am already considered overweight. I would love to get back to my pre-wedding weight of 120lbs…, WAIT. who am I kidding? okay now, kahit to my ideal weight of 127lbs is already fine by me. and I would like not to get on medication for being hypertensive just yet.

since I cannot afford to enroll myself in an exclusive fitness gym, and for the life of me I still have to qualify if I am limber enough to try bikram yoga, I will stick to this easy and cheapipay diet. what have I got to lose? nothing. so let’s see if I can keep up with myself. talk to you again about this morning banana diet after 8 weeks. so help me gawd.

here’s a blogsite I found talking bananas through and through. it’s quite funny.

that’s all the random bananas I have for you today 😀


anyway, my buzz and bloom™ layout finally posted. yay! please swing by the site soon for the design team’s january projects as well.


here are some buzz and bloom™ valentine’s day card sneaks for you:




2 more winks till weekend! yahooo…



11 Responses to random wednesday 29: the banana files (and some sneaks)

  1. Napakain ako tuloy ng saging pagkabasa ko nitong post mo. Bwahaha! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the rest of your B&B creations! 🙂

  2. tna says:

    hi bjay! fave ko banana. hihihi. this is also my chance to shed some lbs. lumalaki na ang alaga kong waistbag. hihihi.

    i am interested in following suit with this banana diet. ask ko lang if you will just do that in the morning and the rest of your meals (lunch and dinner) e yung usual meal lang?

    will look into this further too. {naexcite ako hihihi, 2 kami ni hubby kelangan maglose ng weight e – san ma convince ko hihihi}

    thanks so much for sharing this.

    pahabol: i love ur decoded layout. idol ka talaga. palift nito ha?

    hi, tna! it is suggested that you just eat it in the morning, and then you can have your usual square meals during the day. you can even sneak in merienda. but don’t eat na anything after 8pm and make sure you retire by 12mn. manageable naman, di ba?

    wag lang maglalamay sa pagsa-scrap 😉

    oh yeah, lift away! would love to see your take on it. link me up when you’re done. excited na ako 🙂

  3. Gracie says:

    Oh I think I heard about this banana diet. Not that I really need to diet but I think it’ll help with the muscle cramps I’ve been having lately. Plus I need some energy booster too. Been so tired with all the house work and running after my little girl. 😉

    Thanks for sharing. Also I love your LO! The Vday card sneak peaks look interesting. Medyo bitin nga lang. Hehe. Hope to see them soon. 🙂

  4. lee i says:

    The humble banana can do all that? Mukhang makikipag-agawan ako sa saging ng asawa ko ha. I am willing to try anything once just to lose weight. You are in a better banana boat than me, dear. BTW, nasabi ko na ba sa yo na loves ko Decoded LO mo? Ang taray!

  5. bjay says:

    the banana has spoken!!! di natin halos pansinin, pero siksik at liglig pala sa advantages 🙂 tara, let’s form a banana diet patrol? wahaha.

    seriously, I hope I get to something with this new alternative. thanks, girls!

  6. Mei Ann says:

    Hello Bjay,

    I’ve seen your beautiful LO in B&B, good thing you have it here finally.

    Regarding the banana diet, please let me know if it’s effective. I need to let go a lot of my accumulated pounds. They love me so much but it’s time for them to go! Cheers!

    thanks, mei ann! I’ll keep you guys posted 🙂

  7. tna says:

    hi bjay. 🙂 thanks for the information you gave me. i already found some insights about the diet.


  8. Ems says:

    Nagpabili na ako ng bananas. Will start tomorrow. Hay, hope it works! Luv your decoded LO…lalo na ang posing sa pix…taray…parang Nemo (peace tayo…luv yah)! ;o)

  9. Anna says:

    Wow, I didn’t know about the banana diet. That sounds so easy!

  10. Sandra Yu says:

    hi bjay,

    wow, I really read every word in your blog post..this banana, i heard this already. I’m really trying hard to shed some pounds…kailangan na din talaga…thanks for sharing. sobrang nainspire ako. sana kayanin ko din..

  11. Cel says:

    I’ve read this somewhere but did not put much thought into it coz I thought you have to eat it the whole day. Breakfast lang pala! Hehe now I know kaya i-try narin ng lola mo!

    Taray mo nga pala sa decoded ha! Love that title coz I love the song Decode by Paramore.

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