‘elo, 2010.

1 January 10

so much to look forward to in 2010.

here’s to change, positivism, and a forward-thinking attitude!



have a very merry

25 December 09



1 December 09

takam na takam ka na. pero pagdating mo sa kenny rogers, sabi nila wala pang delivery ng manok. pasado tanghalian na

ano ang gagawin mo?


with regret…

30 November 09


I have decided to say goodbye as a design team member of pink ninjasI would ike to thank its founders and blog owners, nely and ally for their gracious understanding.

incidentally, their blog is coming out bigger and better in 2010! a design team call is also ongoing.  please check it out here

read all about it!

23 November 09


my friend, the über talented ana santos asked me to talk about my burning passion for scrapbooking and actually listened to me blabber. and to prove that she isn’t gonna leave while “I’m so into it”,  she even bought me my favorite frap.

so here’s the lowdown on the full story of her interview with me.

*thanks, ana!

see more of her relevant written work, foreign correspondences and recent achievements here. oh yeah, she can also do your make-up, mind you 😉


buzzed again!

23 November 09


and I don’t mean being buzzed by an alcoholic drink! I meant this kind of being buzzed


I’m staying for another year creating with buzz and bloom™! see the full announcement here! 

apat na kami na pinay doon, mga kapatid! woohoo! 😀


a hero among us

22 November 09


CNN hero of the year efren peñaflorida. kabitenyo. our household voted for him. I feel so mighty proud of him right now.

click on the image to get to the full story