14 April 10


mum: “anak, gusto ko pumunta ng bohol.”

me: “eh mum, kung pandilatan ka ng mata ng tarsier, mamasamain mo ba?”




1 December 09

takam na takam ka na. pero pagdating mo sa kenny rogers, sabi nila wala pang delivery ng manok. pasado tanghalian na

ano ang gagawin mo?



5 November 09

3d human with a red question mark

what is your opinion when you hear somebody say:

“libre po ito at walang bayad.”

redundundant na ang dating, di ba? weird.


a month and a day…

3 November 09


ding, ding , ding, ding!!!

I am still HERE! floating by, but still very much here. let’s see in my last post below I did say I was gonna be back. but alas, hindi nangyari. what gives?

I will not make another set of excuses, because my case remains the same. and for all that happened during the typhoon-ridden month of october, I apologize. for all my personal windfalls (got sick, got busy, got lito, got sick again, got hilo) during the past month, I apologize. and to all my loyal readers who are my dear friends, I apologize. it’s not fun jumping from one blog to another only to land on a stale blog entry (ouch!). total waste of time, noh?

and to quote the illustrious senator jovito salonga during the mar-korina (or is it kori-mar? haha. ) wedding:

“near-perfect, but not perfect. so long as we are humans, we can never be perfect.”

makes sense to me. 

anyway, I have a few projects coming out of the scraproom. these are all I’ve got. hopefully as the day progresses, so does my blogging.

xøxø ♥ to everyone!

pink ninja prompt #19: what kind of ninja are you?

ninja du jour small

pink ninja prompt #20: if you were a cartoon character (got a little patriotic here; lots of buzz and bloom™, too!)

darna small

pink ninja prompt #21: skin marks

marked small

pink ninja prompt #22: costumes!

get cheeky small

to see the rest of the pink ninja design team takes, jump here 

this one is entitled “outtakes” because it is what it is. and if you will recall, the best shot was used for my birthday layout here. just don’t mind the grammatical error on the journaling. o-ha, I’m sure hahanapin ninyo kung asan ang maling grammar! 😀

outtakes small

lastly, a breast cancer awareness layout that SHOULD’VE debuted in october. this is my 3rd year doing layouts bearing this theme. if you want to see the other two, it’s here and here. 

think pink small

midweek, peeps! make plans for the coming weekend!


commercial muna.

16 September 09


dang this FB thing. my blog rhythm ia almost pffftt. and I haven’t started playing any of those games pa ha.

meantime, before I bring you today’s random wednesday 53,  a photo to entertain you. but I swear if I see this anywhere on my way home while walking at night, I’ll have a heart attack!

takot ako via 


monday blues

24 August 09


have a good work-week 😀


choose the crown

20 August 09


miss U 2009

click the image to get to the site

the miss universe 2009 pageant is all set and will go live via webcast on august 23, 8:00pm EST.

diamond nexus lab, commissioned to make “the crown” is running an online votation. choose the crown and get a chance to win a trip to nu yok to meet the new miss universe!

eh teka, bakit when I chose na, nag-error?! anubah.