all set!

12 August 10


hindi ako ganito kumain ng birthday cake, pero…

thank you very much to all the sisterettes out there who sent in their entries! I got a total of 18! and some of you really artsy ones even presented me with actual ideas on how to execute the “technique” part. very detailed ones, even. taraaay.

so when I got home from a business trip to lipa last night, I got to work on the random integer software and drew the winner. and the winner is…

bukas na lang! the LO and the winningest scrapbooker who will get the sing kit edition 3 will be revealed!

here we go! 😀



random wednesday 39

29 April 09


do you remember L.A. lopez, the former childstar? I can’t believe he’s still at it. apparently the audience was in awe because he kept moving around the hall. up and down, side to side, by leaps and bounds. heeee. anyway, enjoy!

oh yeah, tell me if you understood the words 😉

pacquiao vs. hatton. if I am to base the tale of the tape, panalo manok natin. I just hope that whatever happens to this “da bomb” of a fight (yet again), that after this manny will finally put his gloves down. I think it’s about time. and I hope he never runs for public office.


aling dionisia a.k.a. “pac-mom” is making her every move bonggacious in the istetsayd – – – biba las bigas!


another set of fabulous buzz and bloom™ projects is up here! below is the full reveal of mine. it’s an art canvass. I basically just painted the base black and painted white twigs on the background. to all ye scrapbookers, you might recognize what pps design inspired me to paint those twigs 🙂


for product details and a step-by-step instruction, jump right here  


friends lee and candy introduced me to marty’s cracklin’ vegetarian chicharon. it’s cholesterol free and has zero transfat! can you believe it?! I love eating chicharon, especially those pieces with laman on it. it’s really sinful, uhm no, make it deadly. my cholesterol level has gone haywire through the years so this is really a treat for me. lasang chicaron talaga but it’s made of dehydrated green peas and potatoes. sarap!


the swine inluenza outbreak is quickly ravaging a number of countires and has claimed close to a hundred lives to-date. my hope is that our very own government has already mapped out a game plan to protect us, and not just install thermal scanners in every airport. these gadgets aren’t enough to ascertain if a person is a virus carrier or not. and if one is indeed a carrier, s/he must be put in an isolated place somewhere else and not kept in the holding room of the airport where there’s a high traffic of people. a mere sneeze can bring doom to many. 


in fairness and linis ng ilong ng piggy

and speaking of sneezing. did you know that a typical sneeze can expel thousands of droplets at a speed of 150 km per hour or roughly 100 mph, with a range of up to a meter and a half? eto ang nakakatakot: the miniscule mucus can stay airborne for a good 5 minutes.


a sample of a high speed photo of a woman sneezing

you also can’t sneeze if you are asleep. and why can’t you sneeze with your eyes wide open? I already know the answer to the latter, but just for kicks, I dare you. para lang yang “try to lick your elbow”. nakakatawa na mahirap! 😀


I am definitely watching the movie “obssessed” which stars beyonce in one of the lead roles. her previous movies were just okay, so this is something definitely worth watching. I am not feeling the leading man, though. ngayon ko lang siya nakita sa tanang buhay ko.  
PCD  in manila on june 11 at the mall of asia concert grounds. it’s their 2nd gig here – I think I’m gonna watch this time. I might even tag along my nieces ia and tffee 😉


it’s the last work day tomorrow before the long weekend! woo-hoo! and the 3 + 1 labor day sale at select SM malls starts tomorrow as well. I am sooo there. if you guys see me at the megamall, holler will ya? 😉


TGIF, it’s a blog-o-versary RAK!

27 February 09


exactly a year and 6 days ago today, I created my first blog post. but I only went public march 4, 2008. so the latter is what I consider my blog-o-versary. 

and as a gesture of gratitude to my loyal, dear readers **big wave to the readers!**, I’m giving away a RAK.


a couple of buzz and bloom products, K&Co. embossed words, journaling spots (some of which I created myself!), atbp.. I will also upload these images in webshots so you can have a better peek at them  

what do you have to do?

if it isn’t obvious to you yet, I collect pigs (hence the blog name), all kinds of them: plastic, metal, plaster of paris, rubber, paper, trinkets, wood, anything! I already have 600+ pieces in all forms and textures. my email address, hoof (underscore) hunter (at) yahoo (dot) com is even about my infinite search for these chubby kind. 


your challenge, should you accept it, is to SPOT THE DIFFERENCE between the pictures you will see after the jump.


come play along! leave your answers in the comment box and I will draw a lone winner on march 4th, blog-o-versary day. meanwhile, a layout I managed to whip up last night:


I would’ve uploaded a couple more, but I was already very sleepy last night. anyhow, here’s to a glorious weekend! tomorrow, dear and I are off to do our favorite thing in the world: doing groceriesHHWW and stealing cheeky kisses in every aisle!

wahahaha! 😀 yeah, seriously 😉 wahahaha! ows, di nga? oo, totoo! ahihihihi



the classics are back, etc.

9 June 08


have you ever noticed how adidas’ stan smith and the k-swiss shoes are making a comeback? I think it’s cool.  

and the last time I wore this reebok shoe style was in highschool pa! remember, it came in different colors as well? my aunt from virginia gave me a new pair recently. bongga, noh?  

that’s babe. she’s made of fine bone china and is 11 years old.

ate mae, my sis-in-law gave me this shirt and these cuties when she came back from singapore:

 L-R: bookmark, keychain, mouse wristpad 

back to school tomorrow! traffic galore again. phew.


wagayway festival

28 May 08


IMUS, CAVITE – today in history, in the year 1898, the phillippine flag was first unfurled in the battle of alapan. this is a prelude to the declaration of our independence as a nation in my hometown of kawit, cavite, a few days later.

here’s to independence! I hope it will be absolute and in my lifetime, to say the least. 

and that’s ompoco. please excuse his smirk.


the aftermath

18 May 08


saturday was scrapfest, the fifth event so far and the excitement of all the attendees (myself included), never seem to simmer down each time this much-awaited local event comes to town. so many newbies! and the age range is becoming varied, even – we have a senior citizen in the house! ahww, now THAT is cool.

night before, I prepared all the stuff that I will bring which is not much. I swore to “crop light” and just enjoy the day. as a matter of fact, I used my new crop ‘n style bag and I’m loooving it.

I have a confession to make. I had with me manila hemp (abaca) strings to give to some friends. sort of a hello “again” present. but it wasn’t fancifully packed and I was hoping to do that during the fest. alas, my hands were full the second I got to the venue! and as a testament to this, I think my blood pressure even shot up as soon as I joined the very first challenge of the day. haha. mea culpa. so next time na lang.

there were several challenges that day and I am just too happy to place second in the advanced scrapbooker category. it’s always a thrill to win at scrapfest, especially when your friends are cheering you on while your name is being called 😀 

hands down highlight of the day for me was meeting sahrie, owner of scrapbukan. I met sahrie online in mid-1999 when we were both members of weddingsatwork. ironically, we weren’t able to meet personally in the few times she’s in the philippines. so seeing her yesterday (sabay hug) was a thrill. incidentally, I will be her store’s guest DT come october *wink wink*   

I’ll stop here and will just write about the whole thing at length later. so please watch out for scrapbytes ezine for a full story feature on scrapfest winners’ circle, as I am again a contributing writer for the june ish.

oh, yeah. here’s my loot:

too much butterfly, I think.

and meet felicia, she’s on my pig collection. you’ll see more of her kind as I blog along. there are 500+ of them as I speak 😀

congrats to all the winners! thank you to the newbies and see you again in september may ’09!

and to you, scrappin’ moms… take a bow 😀