the pinkness of it all

5 August 09


it can’t be too pink

pink swirl

and I must admit, even if I love the color pink, no [wo]man can live with the color pink alone… 


that’s why one must play up with colors, to incorporate with pink 😉

pink room too

think about it.

final challenge reveal together with a picture of my birthday RAK is up this friday, 08/07.




so, have you thought about pink yet?

4 August 09


audrey hepburn

this is a challenge question leading up to my birthday RAK this coming weekend.

I still don’t have a picture of the RAK (sheesh, anubayan!), but I promise you it’s gonna be cute! 😀 check back often for more pink-inspired clues!



a birthday RAK is in order…

2 August 09


pink peace sign

because it’s my party and I’ll giveaway a RAK if I want to! 😀

reada year ago today

let me just take a picture of it in daylight, okay? dang this weather kasi. meantime, think about pink and all its endless possibilities. please check back later.s


not a day older…

5 July 09
has it been a year already? huwatt…?

mum bday



thank you for being our family’s guiding light all the time. we love you!


random wednesday 45

17 June 09


last weekend, tffee helped me watch over bailey as the puppy ate her lunch. all of a sudden tffee asked me, “ninang, can we take bailey out of her jail?”

napatawa ako ng bonggang bongga. then tffee smirked, followed by her signature pout. I just hugged her and said that the jail is for humans while a cage is for animals. so there. 

remember my post about barbie’s 50th birthday picture? I found a better rendition:

aged barbie  

and a matching body that is age-appropriate:

aged barbie full

this one is all for fun, so watch closely:



cool, noh?

may I interest you about ryan seacrest? here’s a photo of a younger ryan… ang taba niya ha. 


seacrest out!

this is for all you kids of the 80’s. you’re the only ones who can truly appreciate it. a litereal version of the MTV of bonnie tyler’e “total eclipse of the heart”. it’s so hilarious!

first seen on chico garcia’s blog:

this is the most bonggacious news of the year for me: victorinox swiss army watches from switzerland pays tribute to manny pacquiao by producing a special limited edition watch, the “pacman” maverick II chrono. only 1,000 units will be sold beginning june 1, 2009. this is the first time that an internationally-known brand lends its name to a filipino champion and has a special collection designed for him.

mp signing

pacman chrono

retails at $950.00 on ebay. winner!

stay dry everyone! dear and I went up to tagaytay today to visit the pink sisters convent, and it was raining all the way 🙂 maulan ang aming anniversary.

so, we’re still at it…

17 June 09


and it’s been quite a ride!

boy and girl

still enjoying the bumps, the grinds, the careens and the glides


happy anniversary, DEAR! my one, BIG LOVE 🙂


of devotion and havaianas

25 May 09



we went up to antipolo over the weekend to help mum fulfill her yearly panata for my kuya, which is to visit the church of our lady of peace and good voyage at least once a year during this month.

here’s the thing kasi. when my kuya was much younger, he fell from the wall of a school while watching basketball. that accident made him walk with a limp. mum took him to a lot of doctors but they couldn’t do much to make my kuya well. the doctors’ findings even revealed that his condition is much like that of a polio vicitm (umigsi na yung thigh niya). naturally mum got so worried about kuya’s predicament that she reverted to pamamanata. she promised that once my kuya is able to be on his two feet again, she’ll never miss going to antipolo every year during its feast month.

so after the 6am mass, we proceeded to the adoration chapel like we always did. in the anteroom, we took our shoes off, placed it in the pigeonholes then we silently went inside and knelt. we said our prayers and settled down first since mum’s not yet finished with her intentions. then I noticed some of the devotees were carrying their sandals and flipflops with them. curious, I eyeballed it – – –  they were all havaianas pala! 


so it made me think: why did they bother to handcarry it inside the adoration chapel when clearly, there is a designated place for it? were they so attached to the smell of rubber and the cachichas of their feetor was there a recent case of havies being stolen here?!

makes you conclude that yes, maybe even in the holiest of places, there are “fashion victims”.

sad 😦