my baby girl turns 1… uhmm, maybe 15?

9 April 10


it’s been 90days since my last blog post… that’s 3months in total. time flies when you’re having fun – NOT. it’s just that life, death and the in-betweens happened. and I’m not even speaking figuratively. still, the blog neglection is unforgiveable. so I am slowly easing my way back, and praying to high heavens I still have my readers and try to help them to get out of  their “catatonic-state-because-they-hopped-and-still-I-don’t-have-a-blog-entry” coma.

so anyways, today my sweet doxiebabe bailey turned one. but according to some experts, that’s actually fifteen in dog years. two human years more and I already have a college freshman. haha. 🙂

aah, this dog. I never thought I can take care of another creature, really. she grew on me, she has my heart. everyday I look forward to coming home because I am sure that she’s waiting for me, excitedly wagging her tail and letting out a pitiful wail (more like a demad to make her pansin, really) if I dare ignore her. she’s licks my feet like it’s nobody’s business, doesn’t mind if I spread her ears from end to end, let’s me scratch her tummy and count her eight small boobs repeatedly (ok, too much information), she hops onto my lap and sits there comfortably while she snuck her head in between my armpit. aah, love. 

thanks for making my heart bigger, bailey girl. mummy loves you.



looking like humans

17 August 09


can doxies make faces like this?

and can they rap too?

apparently 😀




happy birthday to me!

9 August 09


oops, sorry. the birthday girl overslept 😀

you see, I never thought I was going to celebrate my birthday 3 days in a row leading up to my actual birthday. last friday, my officemates surprised me by creating a banner greeting by my cubicle’s wall. then they also prepared a sumptuous lunch for the whole sales and marketing team. last night, after the blessing of a dear friend’s bistro here in kawit (more on that in a separate blog post), my old, old friends gave me an asalto at the island cove videoke bar! so I sang la isla bonita and some other madonna, wilson philips & the corrs songs, naturally. but you know what really made my night? dear sang for the first time! it took him 37 years to sing in front of an audience (eh kami kami lang naman). and the song that broke all rules: the distance between us by fra lippo lippi. whoaaaa!!! GO, DEAR!

today was just pure fun. nothing beats quality time spent with family, lots and lots of hugs and kisses. salamat sa Panginoon.

so, fess up! thank you for all you sweet ladies who joined in my 2nd birthday RAK challenge! I received a total of 29 entries! I enjoyed all your private emails, sweet thoughts and revelations. you guys are the best. I plan to print your emails and keep them. I am also in awe at some of you who even took pains in creating a color grid for me. fabulous. the entires really rocked in terms of color combos! grabe nahilo ako sa mangha.  ahww, sarap ng feeling talaga. so thank you, thank you, everyone 🙂

so who made my birthday layout extra special?

drumroll please…………………………… number 22!


congrats, marian! her entry suggested that I use yellow and green with pink. I froze for a while because these two colors aren’t always in my color wheel (yeah, I HAVE my own. hehe). so anyways, I got to work right away as soon as I woke up at 7:00pm tonight, here’s what I came up with:

bigger heart big

now here’s the wonderful part. as I was reading all the sweet greetings here, one commenter mentioned “big heart”. so I said, “wow, the best timing, or is it ESP?”. because for my birthday layout with my puppy bailey, my working title for the last 2weeks was “bigger heart”. I guess you know what I really mean by that. and yes, in this bigger heart of mine, where a stinky puppy newly resides along with the other loves of my life – – – I still have room for more. 

so ate lil, you will receive a small token of appreciation from me! you and marian should PM me right away so I can send you your loots asap!

thanks again, everyone! we’ll do this again next year!


aren’t we lucky, bailey?

8 August 09


when I asked my former kit club boss, rachel for her blessing to be bailey’s ninang, she readily said yes. rachel was the best fit, being a doxiemum herself to bart, a wirehair. though I may have hesitated because the idea of getting bailey godmothers may be conceived as “crazy”, I proceeded anyways. *bakit ba, tuta ko naman ito ah!

(*so what, it’s my puppy anyway!)

and lookie what ninang rach sent bailey! 

bailey gifts

 a love letter too

bailey letter

I have never seen so much cuteness like this in one go. LOVE, love the shirt with the cherries 😀

I also received my über exclusive commemorative SFTIO necklace with my name on it:


super niiice. been wearing it loud and proud since I got it.

thanks again, rachel. you are the best!


3 months na…

9 July 09


si bailey today!

close up small

so I only found out the month when she was born about 2weeks ago. well, I always thought about this teeny, tiny detail but never got around to really ask my benefactor cousin the exact date when bailey was born. april the 9th, during nighttime. sweet 🙂

can you spot the iron pig and dear’s tsinelas in the picture below?

oisssst small

this photo session last week took all of 88 shots. I tell you, she’s really a handful (ay, super playful! OVERRR.)! there’s a lot of shouting and chasing and foot nibbling involved. and this is the lone, decent shot I got of her that I used for this layout.

hey! saan ka punta, bailey girl!

hey hey small

for the record, bailey IS the one nibbling on my foot, ok? maige na yung malinaw. hahaha. 

wake up small

TRIVIAI almost named her “halo”, as in an angel’s halo. since I love this song of beyonce, and her video featured a doxie! watch at 1:51:

bailey had her second dose of the 5-in-1 shot last saturday, and got her nails clipped, too. I’m just not quite sure if I want to go back to her vet. she’s so, uhmmun-“vetty” to me. it’s my first time to meet this vet, since the first shots that bailey had with this particular vet, she was with my benefactor cousin.

sleeping beauty small

and this is my pooch after every shower. doesn’t she look sooo cute sleeping the same way like her human*?

*that’s me!

yeah-huh, puppy love 😀



3 July 09


my kaya 26 entry didn’t make it to the pinoyscrapbookers’ gallery simply because I didn’t pay attention to the instructions (sorry, janis!). which really makes a whole lot of difference if you ask me. darn it.

anyways, the challenge was to use pearls in any way within the layout. can you spot where I put mine?

always always  small

you might have seen this picture in another layout of mine already. but I swear may konting diffmas matigas ngiti namin ni dear dito 😉

and here’s my SM idol09 round 1 entry. the challenge was to create paper pieces to use in our layouts + three pictures:

 bailey full

cute ni bailey girl ko, noh?

to view details of my layout and journaling, jump here.  and for some serious paper piecing inspirations and techniques, go here.

and I made it to round 2! woo-hoo😀


random wednesday 44

10 June 09


please indulge me as I dedicate this wednesday’s entry to my new bundle of joy. I apologize if I made quite a stir for some of you, who thought that I was heavy with child. but really, taking in this pup is like being a “momma” in itself!   

so much for a philippine independence day arrival (june 12). one of her siblings got sick, so she along with two other sibs have to be delivered to their new families pronto.

so now, may I present to you… BAILEY!



that’s a prima flower… she chewed on it!

she’s just the prettiest doxie ever, with smooth black coat and brown paws. and if you look a little closer, you’ll see that she has blue eyes and brown eyebrows too! she’s two months old and is slowly getting the hang of things around her.


sorry for the crappy pictures. I am only using a point-and-shoot camera.

she keeps me busy as soon as I get home from work. haay, so this is L-O-V-E 😮