birthday RAK winner!


first of, I would like to apologize for posting this late. I wasn’t able to go home early as planned (darn the traffic), and frankly speaking, I was at a loss on how to scrap again. the latter eating up the time I spent looking at my scraproom’s ceiling. geez, the last layout I made was eons ago. so anyway, I did post in my facebook wall that the birthday RAK winner is giving me a headache… in a major way.


she suggested I use the colors aqua blue, brown and olive green. whle applying the masking and distressing techniques. so okay it’s easy, I said to myself. hmm… not! I didn’t have much aqua-colored patterned papers pala. my browns are too brown, and the green? well. it had to be specifically the olive green according to the entrant. so I dug into my cobwebbed stash and there it was, a few pieces of the winning color combo. the distressing part was a breeze. but when it came to masking, I hit a clogger. quite literally, my atomizer has clogged up. I had to transfer it to a new bottle so I can get to work. okay, fess up. here’s the winner via random integer. 

drumroll please…………………………………..


and here’s what I came up with:

my eyes does look funny here. but it’s better seen live. promise.

hey, timi! thank you very much for helping me create my birthday layout this year! I am loving the end product! please send me an email here so that I can have your loot sent to you right away. I would also like to thank all the wonderful girls who joined my 3rd birthday RAK. I did ask for great colors, right? and by golly, I got some posh-sounding ones! take note, some of which I can’t even spell without doing a once over 😀 

super thanks, everyone! let’s do this again next year!



11 Responses to birthday RAK winner!

  1. Barbie says:

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! FIRST. ehehehehehe. 🙂

    Congrats, timi!

  2. Donna E. says:

    wow!!! ang ganda! love na love ko tlaga how you create ur layout 🙂 and the photo… just wow! hehehe

    congrats ate timi!!!

  3. Timi Mercado says:

    Wow! Great output. I want to try this color combo, too.

    Thanks for the prize. Tagal ko na di nanalo. This is the first in months. That means, I need to scrap again kasi may bagong loot!

  4. Barbie says:

    Wow, crunch na yan, ha! Hehehe. 🙂 I missed seeing your output BJay! Hope your mojo gets you scrapping all over the place now.

    Congrats, Timi! 🙂

  5. ruth says:

    WOW! Love it!

    Congrats, Timi!!!!

  6. emsfronda says:

    Love the layout gorjus! At ang photo, stunning!

    Congrats Timi!

  7. Nita Ang says:

    Nice LO Bjay:D Nahirapan ka pa nang lagay nito ha… Pero wag ka, identify ako dun sa sabi mong you just stared at the ceiling. Ganyang-ganyan din ako, para bang nag-iintay ng grasya malaglag mula sa langit – LOL! Actually, naipadala ko na nga sa iyo suggestions ko bago ko naisip, “kung gusto pala ni Bjay ng challenge, I should have asked her to scrap in 12×12! Kaso di naman technique yun noh?” heheheh :p

  8. bjay says:

    hi, girls!

    thank you so very much! pero talagang ang hirap to jumsptart yourself to being creative again. I literally wasted a good full hour just flipping through sheets upon sheets of pps, while alternately tossing embellies. pero wala naman akong nagamit na embellie eventually. ngek.

    my shorts was a mess, with red streaks everywhere. kala mo tagos. hahaha.

    thanks again! and congrtas to timi!!! {{{hugs}}} to everyone 🙂

  9. lee i says:

    good one – congrats to timi and you bjay. love it.

  10. bjay says:

    thanks, lee! 🙂

  11. Nina says:

    Hiya, Bjay dear! Just wanted to share ‘coz I know you’d love this: =)

    ahahaha! love this, nina! I follow designsponge too! super love ko lahat ng ideas doon. fantastic, noh? thanks, thanks 🙂

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