I’m 13,870 days old today.


go figure.

oh hello there, peeps! I’m blogging (uy, blog-bloggingan). and what better day to resurrect my haplessly evaporating blogging skills than today, mi cumpleaño.

funny how as you get older you expect less and less from your birthday. gone is the super planning mode like what to wear (must be new, of course), where to eat, who to invite, who from my invitees is going to gift me with something, will anybody surprise me (and if they do, will I be really surprised?), will they notice I plucked my eyebrows, shaved my legs, put on lipgloss, etcetera? but most important of all… will anyone actually remember? I kept my expectations low through the years. heck, even my mum asked me why I was dressed casually and hanging around the family compound today. “but mum, it’s my birthday!”, I exclaimed. take note, nanay ko na ‘yon, ha. 

thankfully, there’s facebookwhere all your networked friends doesn’t have a single excuse not to greet you. ok, maybe they weren’t able to log-in that day or whatever. so thank you, right sidebar notice. haha. odabah? hanep sa segue. 

so anyway, just like last year and the year before that, I am giving away a RAK to one lucky, philippine-based reader of mine who is willing to play along in order for me to create my birthday layout. the tradition lives on!

please help me by suggesting:

1.  three (3) great colors to go with my favorite color PINK; and

2.  two (2) easy techniques I can apply (please, BE GENTLE with the techniques – I’m tools deficient)

should you accept the challenge, please PM me your suggeations here then go back to this post telling me you did just that. actually, gusto ko lang batiin niyo ako ulit dito sa comment section. needy ba? hehehe. and since today is my actual birthday, deadline will be on wednesday, august 11, at 11:59pm. layout reveal and the announcement of the winner will be on friday, august 14. that’s it! so easy.

here’s the exclusive sing kit:

this kit is huge! with over 25pcs of patterned papers and some cardstocks. I also threw in some minimally cut pps, but you know us scrappers, we find ways to still use those pretty leftovers, right? see if you can identify these manufacturers: CP, MM, SR, TI, RP, BG, FP, SEI, TC, JB, CB 🙂 then there’s k&co, q&co, glitz, marks paper, harmonie and prima! tucked in some alphas too! care for some stamps? meron din! and if you are in the mood for some embellies, I have ribbons, flowers, domino blocks, chinese character chips, cooking twine, lots of journ spots, sheer chorvah, prima crystals, ribbon brads, sticker quotes, doileys, pre-cut whatnots and yeah, a piece of vintage dictionary sheet. threw in some pages of the MR sheer album as well. and speaking of ribbons and flowers… piglas (hindi pigsa), my 18year old italian glass cookie canister carried those:

and that’s not all! also for the winner, this buzz & bloom loot could be a kit in itself:

ok na ba? so we’re set! really, really appreciate it if you can join in the fun! 😀



19 Responses to I’m 13,870 days old today.

  1. Diane says:

    just joined the fun! Happy Birthday!!! 🙂

  2. LG Belarmino says:

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!

    Hmmm pink – brown and apple green
    Techniques – misting and masking

    Cant wait to see your layout!

  3. Pao says:

    suggestions sent! happy birthday. 🙂

  4. Barbie says:

    Happy birthday ulit, Bjay!

    Argh, it’s so hard to recommend stuff to someone as good as you!

  5. geng says:

    happy birthday bj!!!

  6. lee i says:

    happy happy birthday, bjay. sent you email. good luck sa ating dalawa. 🙂

  7. Gracie says:

    Happy birthday ulit. Sent you a PM. So excited to see your layout. 🙂

  8. sent in my suggestment sis!
    haberdey again! 😀

  9. Nita Ang says:

    Happy Birthday Bjay! 😀

  10. Marix says:

    happy bedey Bjay! panalo ka tlga sa blog bloginggan
    sana tuloy tuloy na to, yah know I need a regular dose of your post
    thank you tlga sa sidebar ng FB at mafeel mo tlgang bday na bday mo hahaha
    makigulo lng, loving the pink with black and white or green and brown, win win yan combi na yan
    technique, misting/masking ang uso and the use of banderitas hahhaha basta mailagay lng go go go
    haba ng comments ko namiss ko kc magcomment sa post mo hahaha

  11. Timi Mercado says:

    Happy happy birthday Bjay!

  12. Liezl says:

    Happy birthday! Hope you had a blast kahit it’s getting simpler each year. Same month tayo, towards the end nga lang ako.

  13. July says:

    Happy…happy birthday…..

  14. Jaclyn Kline Torres says:

    Hi! I just sent my suggestions. Hope it helps. Happy birthday!

  15. Arlyn B. Abadiano says:

    belated happy birthday! just emailed my suggestions. have fun with your layout, can’t wait to see it. God bless you!

  16. April says:

    miss beejee…nagemail na ko! 😀

  17. JhoyBM says:

    happy birthday, Bjay!

    i also sent my suggestions… TIA! 🙂

  18. janis says:

    happy birthday bjay!!!

    pink: brown and teal
    techniques: tearing and distressing ;o)

  19. ruth says:

    pink: black,brown,green
    techniques: paper piecing/distressing

    happy birthday!

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