my baby girl turns 1… uhmm, maybe 15?


it’s been 90days since my last blog post… that’s 3months in total. time flies when you’re having fun – NOT. it’s just that life, death and the in-betweens happened. and I’m not even speaking figuratively. still, the blog neglection is unforgiveable. so I am slowly easing my way back, and praying to high heavens I still have my readers and try to help them to get out of  their “catatonic-state-because-they-hopped-and-still-I-don’t-have-a-blog-entry” coma.

so anyways, today my sweet doxiebabe bailey turned one. but according to some experts, that’s actually fifteen in dog years. two human years more and I already have a college freshman. haha. 🙂

aah, this dog. I never thought I can take care of another creature, really. she grew on me, she has my heart. everyday I look forward to coming home because I am sure that she’s waiting for me, excitedly wagging her tail and letting out a pitiful wail (more like a demad to make her pansin, really) if I dare ignore her. she’s licks my feet like it’s nobody’s business, doesn’t mind if I spread her ears from end to end, let’s me scratch her tummy and count her eight small boobs repeatedly (ok, too much information), she hops onto my lap and sits there comfortably while she snuck her head in between my armpit. aah, love. 

thanks for making my heart bigger, bailey girl. mummy loves you.



10 Responses to my baby girl turns 1… uhmm, maybe 15?

  1. Faye says:

    awww… ganda naman ni bailey. at deep in thought ang pose niya. picture perfect!

  2. NancyD says:

    Aw, what an adorable tutu! You are so cute, Bailey, Happy birthday!

    hi, N! I labored the whole night just to finish that tutu! came out pretty nice, and bailey didn’t even chew on it! 😀 thanks!

  3. Christine says:

    happy birthday to your baby, bjay girl! pero agree ako with you, you need to update your blog! mwah!

    sis, may sapot na nga itong blog ko nung nag-post ako kagabi eh. ehehehe…

  4. Alby says:

    Happy birthday Bailey!

    And I missed your mommy’s blog. 😀

  5. bjay says:

    thanks, thanks, all! 🙂

  6. Liza says:

    happy birthday bailey!
    and welcome back to blogging sis! 😀

  7. Cielo says:

    We are still here, waiting for the next installment of your blogssssssssss!
    Happy Birthday Bailey
    Kamusta ka naman Bjay hope everything fine…

  8. emsfronda says:

    Sa wakas! Nabuhay ang blog! HBDY to bailey girl! Love the tutu! I missed my cupcake tuloy huhuhu

  9. Marix says:

    happy bedey bailey, pakiss nga!
    Great to know that you’re back in blogland, missing your witty posts!

  10. Brandy says:

    SOooooo cute! Feel free to check out my tutus as well. I have some small enough for your little one 🙂

    Brandy S

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