breaking down 2009


“well hello, 2010. it’s a pleasure meeting you. are you a jolly, good fellow? I hope so. because 2009 treated me quite well last year.”


okay, fess up. I have to stop talking to the new year like it’s a real person. but you knowww (ala-pacman intonation), I have to do it to make some sense out of this blog post’s opening line. haaa. alright, let me break down my 2009 to you:

a benefactor-cousin gave me a new puppy, my first. it’s a 2month old dachshund I named bailey. never thought a four-legged creature can make my heart ache and flutter at the same time. I know it’s corny. but it’s the truth.

click to view larger image

and at 8mons, bailey had her first estrous cycle last december. 

sorry it’s gross. hehehe.

my old company got sold. but the good news is, I am doing pretty comfortable in my new capacity under the new company that bought us. thank God for that.

I was able to do combined (facepainting + emceeing) gigs that totalled to 9, and a couple of pro bono emceeing stints as well. not bad, I should say. my weekend moonlighting helps me milk out grocery money from it from time to time. so, not bad at all. I was also commissioned to do a promotional write-up for a pest-control company as well. 

I did paid pro-blogging for a bit and enjoyed it tremendously!

met a former president and did the thumbs up thing…

paid it forward to make some 400 indigent children from my town merrier during the holidays:

and finally, on the scrappy front.

I made a total of 97 layouts. 3 layouts short from my goal of 100 last year. I was also able to buy a 9-cubed shelf for my scraproom which will be painted a happy yellow cab shade! super mura from makro. panahon na para ayusin ng seryoso ang scraproom ko. promise.

my buzz and bloom™ DT stint was renewed for another year. so you’ll still see me at the blog this 2010. I did get accepted to design for a challenge blog. pero nagka-aberya. I won at this local kit club’s anniversary challenge (non-kit category). I did not get pubbed in any magazine (but online, yes). well, I didn’t submit any of my works to begin with. hahaha. on the flipside, I was lucky to be a product tester for GCD studios. so I wait for my turn soon!

I also snagged a prestigious title 😀

was featured in a newspaper. a writer-friend interviewed me about the beauty and madness of scrapbooking and memory preservation (all together now: aaahwww…)

then there’s a big dream in the horizon that I’m trying to reach… but I’ll stop right here.

I have made small accomplishments here and there, kaya definitely a lot to be thankful for. I hope to continue not to practice gunny-sacking. I am proud to be able to realize its importance very early in my life. it’s good for my body, my heart and my soul.

there will be no long list of resolutions for me from hereon out. at the age I’m at, the so-called resolutions are but a list of things you just love writing and reading. I will just take it nice and slow, and pray along the way that I may be able to reinvent a better version of myself this year.

amen? AMEN!   

oh, I almost forgot to share. there’s a fat chance I will take up a beginner’s painting lessons this year. crossing my fingers and toes I do just that.

“manong under the tree” – oil on canvass. one of my earliest pieces. super raw.

I hope your new year is starting to rev up your lives as well. have a great 2010, everyone!



12 Responses to breaking down 2009

  1. cookie a. says:

    wow!!! i miss reading your posts!!! Amen to that!!!
    naku im sure more accomplishments to come this year!!! miss chatting with you!!! and take care always!!!
    more blog posts ha!!! enjoy ako reading them!!


  2. Ate Lil says:

    Hi, Bjay! I wish you success in all your endeavors this year! Go, Girl! I hope to see more posts as I’ve missed them. There seemed to be fewer posts after you won the “Idol” title. Life got in the way, huh?

    Take care!

    Ate Lil

  3. bjay says:

    hey, cooks!

    thanks, sis! I need to blog more. as I’ve told you before, 2009 was really a busy year for me in all aspects 😦 hope to chat with you soon!

  4. bjay says:

    ate Lil, korek ka diyan. lost the blogging mojo soon after the competition kasi na-busy na din sa buhay-buhay 🙂 haha. I will try my best to share bits and pieces of my so-called life through my blog whenever possible. take care!

  5. emsfronda says:

    Hay, buti naman may bago dito :oP miss you frenD!

  6. sarah says:

    first time at your blog, but i’m glad i found it! you’ve got some def eye candy on here! 🙂 maligayang bagong taon. 🙂 did i spell that right?!


  7. bjay says:

    hi, sarah!

    thanks 🙂 and you spelled it right!

  8. Marix says:

    Amen to all that!
    I missed a lot of your posts!
    Let’s all hope and pray for a very fruitful and exciting 2010!

  9. Hi there! I love your work bjay!

    I wanted to stop by and invite you to follow my blog

    We’re on the B&B DT together. 🙂

  10. bjay says:

    hi, lynette!
    thanks for dropping by. love your creations as well! yup, see youi on the B&B blog.

    visit your blog soon!

  11. leasanders says:

    Hi, bjay, coming by for a visit. Sorry I haven’t been by for a while but here I am now! Hope your new year is going well so far.

  12. Tina Morales says:

    Miss u kapatid! iba talaga and pinagsamahan natin, you are always in my prayers…i am getting that black bag that you and Cherry wanted…malapit ko na padala ang box and that includes some chocolates too, try ko maghanap pang scrapbook mo ha..miss you yah sis! hugs XOXO

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