SATURDAY, October 31 @ 12:20 A.M.

picture this: the winds are too strong, the sound they make are a tad creepy. galvanized roofing are flying everywhere, trees and plants are starting to get uprooted, and my poor puppy bailey is whimpering in fearso what do you do when a super typhoon packs a helluva wind and strikes your little town on hallow’s eve, which began at early dawn?

you don’t sleep.  

naturally, napuyat ako. I slept the whole day, skipped lunch and wake up intermittently just to go to the bathroom for water breaks. that afternoon, tffee was supposed to attend the trick or treat party at the island cove because we didn’t have any celebration in my place of work. since this is the case, I never bothered to have a new costume made for her. I also didn’t know if her angel gown (an old one) was available, and my sis-in-law didn’t advise me if she was able to find it at all. in short, I thought my date with tffee was totally called off.

MONDAY (a holiday),  Nov. 2nd @ 8:00 A.M.

tffee said her gown was ready that saturday. but since she didn’t see me (I was sleeping, remember), she thought we weren’t going to island cove anymore. oh, no! my niece wasn’t able to go trick or treatin’ and it’s getting clear as the skies after typhoon “santi” hit that this is all MY fault! darnnitt.

to make up for it, I bought treats that same day and packed individual bags which I then handed over to all our kamag-anaks within our family compound. I asked tffee to dress up, and I put facepaints on her face haphazardly. she merrily went house-hopping and filled her neon green pumpkin bag to the brim with goodies. the little girl was a happy “moo-moo”.

and that’s how the scripted trick or treatin’ ended that beautiful november afternoon. good times 😀

boo3 small

have a great weekend, everyone!



3 Responses to TGIF

  1. Liza says:

    that was so sweet of you bjay! i agree, she loved the “delayed” trick or treat. i can see it in her eyes. more brownie points for her favorite tita!

  2. Wati says:

    the layout is way too cool!

  3. Ana says:

    I love Tffee’s make-up. She’s the hasppiest, scariest looking moo-moo evah!!! =D

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