what a boring blog. seriously.


I am still here. but obviously unable to blog for the longest time.


case in point:

– I was drained of all creative juices after the “idol” competition, mojo decided to hibernate
– I got sick for several days
– I got well. but mojo decided to eventually take a leave of absence
–  I got busy at work
– the homefront needed my undivided attention
– work made me leave home and fly the local friendly skies
– when I got back. I was too tired. got busy again.
– I was introduced to facebook.
– but I managed to do design team work for a bit here; which was like ages ago
– got sick again (what the?!)
– enjoyed facebook
– then typhoon ondoy hit
– putting my scrapstuff in a very depressing disarray
– still enjoying facebook (ooh, I’m so busted!)

but I promise to get back on track. I missed blogging. I may have a couple of good news in the next few days 😉 thanks for hanging out just the same.h



4 Responses to what a boring blog. seriously.

  1. tna says:

    been waiting for an update but with your good news, i am on the edge of my seat until you break it.

    welcome back! 🙂

  2. Gracie says:

    Haha blame ita all on Facebook.. you have been warned. lol. Haven’t been updating my blog that much either and have lost my mojo too! 😦 After nga ng Idol naubusan ako ng creative powers. My last LO was my Kaya sample. Hehe. Good luck to us this October, sana mas productive na.

  3. Liza says:

    hope you’re feeling way better already sis.
    naku, facebook is really so addicting!
    take care!

  4. leasanders says:

    Hope you’re feeling better and I hope your mojo returns soon. =) (You didn’t lose it, it is just hiding.)

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