random wednesday 52


first of all, I would like to THANK EVERYONE who congratulated me on my idol win. I swear if dear wasn’t looking at the time I was reading your comments, tears could’ve flown once again *ahwww.*



max’s restaurant, last weekend:

tffee eating her caramel cake, the one that comes “free” if you order any of their combo meals:

tffee: ninang, ano tawag po dito? brownies din?

me: you read, it says caramel cake, di ba?

tffee: what color po ba ito? para namang brownies eh.

me: medyo cream.

tffee: hmmm.  eh di dapat and tawag CREAMnies.

oh, snap. what a smart a** 😀

♥ ♥ ♥



it’s now official: SM, they don’t have it all.

I just recently found out, as in yesterday lang, that monterey has pulled-out from SM bacoor. I surmised it’s a nationwide move, given the experiences I had with some other products that have managed to stay afloat in the consumer world even after “leaving” the giant known as SM.


take drypers diapers, for example. and if I am not mistaken, colgate too. these products aren’t in any SM grocery shelves anymore. and if I were to believe my sources, it all boils down to the issue of the latter charging astronomical fees for these products’ retention in all the SM supermarkets, including the SM hypermart.

what’s going on, SM? pera in favor of quality na ba talaga ang labanan? 


anyway. noynoy aquino is making his decision known anytime now. to run for prez or not, today is a monumental day for noynoy. the siblings will be strategically in different places in the philippines to attend special masses for tita cory’s 40th day death commemoration. I think they’re mobilizing themselves for another obvious reason. I will vote for the guy. even if a lot of skeptics would say that he is not yet ready for the presidency, etc, etc. why, his mother was also a plain housewife then, but she did make a difference, didn’t she? I’m taking my chance for a fresh start at anything right now.

 whose friend is this?

David Schwimmer

 I am loving the new characters of new moon. here’s dakota fanning as “jane”. pretty, pretty girl:

as jane

sneaks on everyone else via the new york post

yeah, I like lola madge. I may not always agree to all that she does in the interest of “self-expression” eklavuh, but I still like her. her 13-year old daughter lola leon (odabah?), reprised lola madge’s like a virgin look:


something I don’t totally like at the moment. that’s the manang in me.

ok, before I bid you adieu, I would just like to confess that after 10,000 years, I finally succumbed


to facebook! no longer “primitive” in that department. HA!

next week, we’ll talk about everything in excess. happy midweek!



4 Responses to random wednesday 52

  1. Rox says:

    Facebook is fun! As long as it is used properly. O sige friends na tayo ha…. LOL

  2. Marix says:

    asows grabe naman ang SM, lahat na lng ba gawin nilang SM Bonus? SM Bonus tocino, longanisa etc etc, SM Bonus toothpaste? hehehe
    sows ano nangyari kay Ross? well speak for myself hahaha
    welcome to the addicting world of Facebook!

  3. Alby says:

    Darn, wala nang Monterey? Kainis talaga SM. Actually, if they don’t get their way with business deals, they just kick out the supplier. They have the upperhand being the biggest supermarket chain. Tsk…tsk…

    Can’t wait for New Moon!

    Friends na ba tayo sa FB?

  4. emsfronda says:

    How’s Davao? Sus, si Ross pala yon! I mostly do my groceries at SM and swear, ang daming wala! Kaya pala! Pati movie producers nagba-backout na rin…tsk tsk….uy, dami ng prends sa pesbuk, oh eh di, ka-level mo na si lola tetchie…malamang hindi pa rin kasi hindi ka nagcocounter strike/dota hehehe!

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