the making of an “idol”

WARNING: text and photo heavy post

SCRAPFEST 7, 29 AUGUST 2009. so it happened. the much-awaited scrapbooking event in the philippines. and this time I am not just an attendee but a finalist as well. GEEZ. what was I really thinking when I joined last july 26?

I love beyonce. I watched her concert dito sa atin. I even made a layout about it. then a few days before the event, we, the 10 finalists received an email from the scrappinmoms organizers enumerating the initial instructions on the theme to be used for this year’s competition. I was a fan of beyonce until that very day I received the email. I hated the fact that the song, where our layout inspiration should take off from made me hit a solid, blank wall… “if I were a boy”. NAMAN! 

took me days to arrive at an initial layout concept, and some more humid nights thinking of a possible picture to use. I told myself, it definitely has to be a new one, in either full color or B&W. reason being is that, I wouldn’t know what materials will be given to us as challenge kits. it can be really chaka, too colorful or heaven forbid, just plain bland. I had to play and replay layout designs on my mind. there came a point when I had a headache just thinking about it. I knew I had to be smart in the delivery of my interpretation. what is it about wanting to be a boy? bukod sa dati napapagkamalan akong tomboy? hindi ba ito adding insult to injury? I don’t want to talk about my frustration of not being able to project enough “femininity”. personally speaking, that’ll be too lame a topic (doing the “L” sign on my forehead).
battle of the sexes
what is it about a boy and a girl and what makes them uniquely diffrent at the same time? why do boys have it easy? why are girls so mabusisi? crispin, basilio, nasaan kayo?! hehehehe. then like a bolt of lightning, I thought: I am going to do a layout about menstruation. haaa… pero tanong: can I pull it off?

okay. so that settled, I asked my bff for a last minute photoshoot (thursday night) at a cheapipay photolab at, would you believe, the ayala MRT station. I needed her indomitable kulit factor to help execute my concept and “direct” the photographer, who turned out to be the branch manager as well! poor guy, he had to sit on the floor just so he can take the shot that I specifically want. but before all that chaos went about, I did show him some pegs for reference. aba, ginanahan ata. ayaw na namin pa-picture, sige pa daw. suuuuure 😀

I didn’t see the actual photo until saturday at noon, when ems handed them over to me. talk about taking risks. I told ems, malimutan na niya lahat, wag lang ang pictures ko.

earlier at the fest grounds, I checked out the participating LSS. bought some new thickers and a couple of possible patterned papers I can use for the idol challenge. we were told to buy materials from at least two LSS, a pre-requisite for all idol finalists. it was a blindsighted purchase, but I was happy with my loot.  then it began. we were prompted with the instructions and were given a full four hours to finish each of our entries. saw the challenge kit (ugh.), made peace with its contents and went to work. I said in my last related post that I will just enjoy the process no matter what. I cannot afford to be overtly competitive since I am already three seasons too late anyway. besides, what have I got to lose?   

image: april lim

image: april lim

halfway through the competition, I felt a throbbing pain in my cranium. my cheeks are flushed and I was gulping a liter of bottled water every five minutes. this is not good. I ricocheted to the bathroom like a pelota ball would. I was getting hungry and already dry at the mouth. Panginoon, tama ba itong nangyayari sa akin? just let me be in the finishing top 5 and I’m good to go. at least I’d die in the battle fighting to the last string of my gut. 
image: diane miraballes

image: diane miraballes

I made a booboo. since my layout base has been 8.5×11 all throughout the competition, I was sooo ready to submit 10 minutes early into the deadline. then BAM! it was supposed to be a 12×12 entry pala! big thanks to my co-finalists who made me realize this. I wanted to give up because I was so tired already. but at the back of my mind, I was knocking myself on the head. andito na ako eh, ngayon pa ba ako susuko? so I used the patterned paper I bought earlier, eyeballed my original layout, pressed some rub-ons and prayed hard I make it to the deadline. tick-tock… last two minutes. photofinish! 

image: diane miraballes

image: diane miraballes

the scrappinmoms started introducing the 10 finalists one by one. and using the world-renowned urong-sulong process of elimination, suddenly there were just 5 of us.

middle five, L-R: LG, myself, candy, diane & lee    
image: liza bermudez

image: liza bermudez

around this time I could feel my bladder about to explode. I didn’t mean to let everybody know what I was feeling, but when I muttered that I want to pee already, host liza talked back on the microphone! so sige, wiwi break muna 😀 we were back to the cliffhanger after relieving ourselves. and for some reason, the electrolytes I released made me want to just get everything over and done with.

and then we were 3 

image: liza bermudez

image: liza bermudez

these two ladies you see in the picture above, diane and lee, have been awesome since day one. quite honestly, to get this far into the competition was an honor for me already. but it wasn’t meant to end that simple

  * * * WARNING: kenkoy pictures ahead * * *     

image: diane miraballes

image: diane miraballes

image: liza bermudez

image: liza bermudez

image: diane miraballes

image: diane miraballes

I bagged the 2009 scrappinmoms idol 3 title!    

image: issa lucido

image: issa lucido

image: tin yao

image: tin yao

image: liza bermudez

image: liza bermudez

after my name was called, what happened next were scenes scooped straight out of a real beauty contest: I cried (yuck. there, now you know mababaw luha ko!)), I waved, I did a wee speech, beso, hugs, struck a pose, and had a locked jaw from too much grinning   

image: liza bermudez

image: liza bermudez

image: liza bermudez

image: liza bermudez

 my bff ems also won the top prize for the on-the-spot layout challenge! 

note that in my post title, I put an open and closed quotation marks to the word idol. it is undeniably a big word and has put me in a fleeting position since the culmination of the event… but I know that there will always be a better, craftier and spunkier scrapbooker out there. I believe with all my heart, that the philippines is a treasure trove of truly amazing scrapbookers. I’d live and die chanting those same words.

idol journ



image: april lim

image: april lim

for now, I will enjoy the tag “idol” . there’s simply a VERY nice ring to it that I could not resist 😀




39 Responses to the making of an “idol”

  1. gwacie says:

    LOL! That’s a great picture and journaling. I can only imagine the photographer’s consternation as he was taking the shots! Congratulations on winning! 🙂

  2. lee i says:

    congratulations, bjay. so well-deserved. kakaiba ka talaga. 🙂

  3. Gaye says:

    I’ve been waiting for your post on the Idol experience…and it’s worth the wait.. I enjoyed reading this…hehe

    Congrats Bjay! I agree with everyone, you really deserved to win. Your LOs always have that ‘X’ factor na di matutularan. 😀

  4. Tin says:

    omg, i loved your recount of the days events. puno na pala pantog mo by the time you were being called hehe you, Diane and Lee are my personal scrapping idols and to see the three of you there was just too much! talent overload, hello 🙂

    congrats again . . . IDOL !!!

    PS love the piggy by the crown 🙂

  5. LG Belarmino says:

    Hey sweetie!!! love your post. you are so funny. Congratulations once again. I am so happy that I finally met you through this years idol contest. HUGS

  6. Ria says:

    Congrats ulit kapatid!!!

  7. Congrats, Bjay! From day 1, i had a feeling about this already 🙂 Well done!

  8. cookie a. says:

    Hi Bjay!!! wow sa kuwento mo palang feeling ko i was there to witness it hihi!. Congrats again and you truly deserve it!!! umaga dito ngayon pero tawa ako ng tawa while reading this post at looking at your pics hihihi! Congrats Ms.Philippines este Ms. Idol 3!!!
    so happy for u talaga hihihi.

  9. Ems says:

    Bjaaayyyy, at long last…napublish mo na…teka lang first thing’s first…kay Issa’s FB album yung kinokoronahan ka hane…ok, as I’ve said, congratulations! I’m so happy and proud of you, IDOL! Ang ating hirap at pawis ay nagpunyagi (isinami daw ako don ;o)!

  10. cabbie says:

    hi bjay!!! idol!!!congrats and you opened a whole lot of possibilites in 8×11’s!!! if it would start a trend here in pinas, its because the new idol has it all going! and so, my praise to you for all the layouts you did, very inspiring and impressive and my, love your blog too! as what they’ve said, its the X factor and you really gave that X a Bjay factor! way to go!

  11. Ate Lil says:

    Hello, Bjay! I was so looking forward to your account of the SMIdol3 Finals and when I read it, I was amazed (and amused)all over again by your talent and whatever it is that people are calling the “Bjay X-factor”! I am so happy you are the “IDOL”! Congratulations!

    If you do 8.5X11 layouts, I do 8X8s lang. If I were to move forward, I would like to try making 8.5X11s (inspiration will definitely come from you!) first before moving on to 12X12s. I hope you don’t mind!

    Again, congratulations!

    Ate Lil

  12. Donna E. says:

    lol!!!!!! BRAVO! BRAVO!!!! i am crying and laughing at the same time while reading your IDOL post kapatid 🙂 BOW na BOW ako tlaga sa ibang klaseng execution mo.. SIMPLE PERO ROCK ika nga… GALING!!!!!! Those pictures are priceless, too! Love it all! hehehehe

    Missed you guys, mas masaya sana kung nakita ko kung pano kayo kabahan while scrapping in limited time bwahahahaha!!! JK!

    Mwuah! Ingatz!

  13. jeanie nieva says:

    congrats bjay! 🙂

  14. phylline says:

    ei sis! Congratulations! it’s about time that you are recognized! long over due if i may say…I miss sitting side by side with you on’ve gone a long way and you truly deserve to be an Idol! miss yah sis…

  15. Lhy says:

    hey there mars! grabe, super cute ang picture mo while crying 🙂 did’nt know na super iyakin ka pala, hahaha….

    anyways, congrats, WINNER ka talaga friend!!!

  16. Barbie says:

    Woooo0t! Congratulations once again, Bjay!

    Love the story and the photos. You can really see the emotion on your face when they announced the winner! Always loved your pages, and your unconventional style and fresh journaling.

    Bjay, sis, Idol kang tunay, even before this, and even after your reign has passed.

    (but it’s always great to have that crown, and the lovely trophy that accents your collection of fun piggies!) 😉

  17. maybs says:

    Hi, Idol Bjay!!! Congratulations to you!!! Well-deserved and title na Idol. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. Just wish I was there to greet you!

  18. Faye says:

    Hey Beej!!! Congratulations! ‘learned about your wonderful win in Em’s FB wall. Ang galing!
    (((big hug)))

  19. janis says:

    hi bjay!!! since day 1 alam ko na ikaw ang mananalo, promise!!!! when i got started in the blogworld, idol na agad kita so i’m not really surprised na you’re crowned as the 3rd Idol. ;o) congrats ulit!!! too bad i missed it, but thanks for this post parang andun na rin ako. ;o) super duper happy for you!!!


  20. JOanne Yap says:

    it felt like I was there with you — you painted a clear pic of every emotion and every thought you had the time you were doing ur lo — i think you should also think about being novelist/writer watever basta you certainly are not just blessed with creative scrapping streak but the most outrageous hilarious gift of gab imaginable… now you are rubbing off on me now with all this descriptive words — and out of this world language you spread around in your entertaining blog,… more power mare — miss you heaps,.. catch it — my flying kiss! mwah!

  21. mrsgooding says:

    wow, so impressed beej…i love the concept! mwah mwah

    congrats, you’re so galing talaga. I never doubted naman you’re creativity eversince….

    C xx

  22. Marix says:

    hahaha very well said my dear, para kong naka-attend ng event, I really wish I was there to witness your crowning glory hahaha congrats! very well deserved! really love your wit, at winner tlga ang LO mo to think me booboo ka pa, i think such booboo worked into your advantage, very well executed! congrats again and here i am nalock-jaw na din with all the grinning, fingers crossed sana maka-attend ako sa next yr to see you IRL! Idol!!!

  23. Candy says:

    Hahaha! Bjay! Grabe ka ka-detalye magkuwento, blow-by-blow! You do so deserve to be Scrappin’Moms Idol. Your very artistic mind, as well as your very big heart, makes you a perfect person to idolize! Again, congratulations! Champion talaga!

  24. Rox says:

    Hi Bjay! Congratulations…kakatawa to- when you posted the crowns of the “would be Ms.Universe” ..I had a hunch… parang sign na baka ang next idol ay ikaw. This scenario is not new to me. I just realise it after things like this happen. Anyway you deserve it ang galing ninyong lahat! WTG! I always liked and admired the way you scrap outside the box. TC!

  25. chiqui says:

    congrats ulit! BOW talaga ako sa iyo! Your layouts are so unique!!!

  26. Techie says:

    Congratulations, Bjay! I enjoyed reading your post. Not only do you make fascinating LOs but you also write so well. You truly deserve the Idol award. 🙂

  27. sookie says:

    Congratulations! I enjoyed reading your story! And your layout is just awesome! Love your interpretation!

  28. Iris Uy says:

    kapatid!! Idol ka tlga!!! I’m so happy that you posted this. I’m so happy for you. You really deserve the title “idol”. Love your kengkoy pictures!

  29. Nina says:

    Bjay kapatid, I have always, always loved your style. When they announced you as the 2009 Idol, I wasn’t surprised anymore. Congrats, a million times congrats, and so well-deserved. I honestly think you are not just a great scrapper, you are one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. =)

    In honor of this, I’d like to give you 2 awards on my blog. =)

    Miss you!


  30. dinah says:

    hey beej! congrats again. you know, i was teasing when i said i missed your “coronation”, yun pala coronation talaga! glad to see it in pictures.

    see you soon! 🙂

  31. wati says:

    bjay…big congrats to you!! and i love this layout….such a great subject to scrap about 🙂 and i love that circle pps background…the ‘last minute’ works totally well! you rock girl!!!

  32. Cel says:

    Hehe ang tagal ng post mo for this I stopped by the day after. CONGRATS! You so deserve it. =)

  33. Gracie says:

    Bjay! Idol talaga kita. 🙂 Very well deserving sa SMI title. I love all your entries mula umpisa hanggang finals. I was so happy when they announced your name. Nakakatuwa ang reaction mo. Para talagang pang beauty pageant. Hehe. Thanks for sharing the Idol stories here. Di ko masyado nawitness yung ibang happening during Scrapfest dahil busy sa pagtitinda. By the way I was happy to see the Thickers you got from me on your winning LO. 🙂 Alam mo ba ikaw yung bwena mano namin non (You were the first one who dropped by my booth at nagpareserve ng items.) Salamat and congrats ulit. 🙂

  34. Marisa says:

    BJAY!!!! So very happy for you. Well-deserved! Kahit wala ako sa Scrapfest I could feel the excitement of the day sa kwento mo. I love your style and layouts. I also love how you are able to convey into your layouts your sense of humor and jovial personality. CONGRATS again! MMmwah! 🙂

  35. olive says:

    congratulations for being the 3rd scrappin moms idol winner…idol ka talaga and you truly deserve it.

    p.s.mag-FB ka naman…=)

  36. Rachel says:

    OMG! I can say that I knew you when! It makes me so happy that you’re wearing the SFTIO necklace…I fell like we were there with you! I am crying…yay!!!!!

  37. Rita says:

    This is so awesome congrats!

  38. NancyD says:

    Aw, Bjay!!! I am SO SO SO proud of you!! You totally deserve this… and what a perfect layout! So clever and so witty and I LOVE that you stuck with your 8 1/2 x 11 base but recovered with the 12×12 requirement! You are one amazing scrapper!!

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