random wednesday 50

 b sign

there we were, tffee and myself tending to bailey. I was going to and from the kitchen and have left bailey to tffee’s care. the two love each other so much, that you will hear non-stop shouting of “hey!, don’t go there, bailey!”, “helloooo, bailey girl!”, “are you being good, bailey?”, “are you tamad, bailey?”, “naku bailey, poo-poo again?!”, “NOOOOO!”, etcetera. tffee has the makings of a disgruntled spinster at age six and three quarters. haaa

then she told me nonchalantly, “ninang, nabasa ko sa book ko ang tawag sa female dog, bitch.”.

me: “uhm, yeah.” 

change topic. aack! 😀


the other day, my friend B and I were texting and somehow, discussed death and our choice of coffins. even before, we pinky promised that whoever went first, the other will make sure this wish will be carried out. morbid? naaah. it’s reality. you wouldn’t want to be sent away inside a pitiful cream box with stringy hems and gawky-looking internal tuffting. personally, I like mine hot pink with glittered “masking” (a scrapbooking technque). my friend B likes bubblegum pink, I reckon.


I love this basic grey patterned paper

but would you rather have a DIY or super customized coffin like these?


and even if I am lovin’ the color, I don’t think I want this in my living room:


see more special coffins via lifeart

up next: KA-GAGA-HAN! 


mejo gaga 

heard some dismal feedbacks from friends who watched lady gaga’s concert here. I knew she was extra-ordinarily weird, and I’m fine with that. what got me was the buzz that she is actually a hermaphrodite! read all about it here

miley, miley, quite contrary

whoaa, miley!

I hope miley cyrus doesn’t really wish to grow up too fast. she got bad press again when she did some sizzling stripper pole action in the recently concluded teen choice awards. nene pa eh tsk, tsk.

funny how an unmade face can look uncannily like that of a character that’s fully made up

kuya, isdatchu

wahahaha. johnny depp’s new movie, alice in wonderland is gonna be a good one. if I were to base it on his make-up alone, ha.  see details of the movie here

charles pitts

charles pitts is a techie, homeless guy who has facebook and twitter accounts (among others) to his name. he trives on wi-fi ready environment and loads on free laptop charging wherever possible. here’s another picture of him on a “normal day”. look closely:

wired ang lolo

so, is the randomness in your life doing you good today? 😀



3 Responses to random wednesday 50

  1. Nina says:

    Bjay, I can totally relate to the homeless guy. Pag andito lang kami sa Taiwan ako nakakapag-surf up to sawa. Hehe.

    Super aliw talaga ako sa mga tidbits of info mo. Palagi andami ko natututunan.

    My sis-in-law watched the Lady Gaga concert and she was just so foul. She’d do the dirty finger and then she’d adjust her “costume” aka underwear-worn-as-outerwear in front of the audience. Ang masakit is andaming kids nanood ng concert.

    Yup, definitely looking forward to the Alice in Wonderland movie! =)


  2. Rox says:

    after 5 outside the public library here, (wala na kasing sasaway sa kanila) ang dami daming (i’m not joking)foreign students “nakasalampak” with their laptops …

  3. ashley says:

    the pic of lady gaga, looks like a tampon string not a penis

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