birthday RAK: there’s a winner na!



but it’s 3:07 in the morning now, meme muna ako. I’ll start working those rockin’ colors into my birthday layout soonest. so check back later tonight!



8 Responses to birthday RAK: there’s a winner na!

  1. Ate Lil says:

    Hi, Bjay!

    Happy Birthday (9 Aug)! I wish you all the best…good health, good fortune, happiness and everything that your BIG heart desires!

    Ate Lil

  2. Ramintessah says:

    Happy birthday bjay!!!!Yay cant wait to see the color combos!

  3. Happy birthday! God bless you always!

  4. yvette says:

    happy birthday bj! 🙂

  5. Gracie says:

    Happy birthday Bjay! Can’t wait to see your LO! 😉

  6. Ate Lil says:

    Bow,wow, wow, Bjay! Thank you very much! You made my heart sing! I am glad you enjoyed your special day…take care always!

    Ate Lil

  7. ruth s. gacayan says:

    Belated Happy Birthday!
    It’s only now that I’ve opened my email. I’ve read greetings for you.
    Best Wishes,

  8. moira gabrielle s. gacayan says:

    hi tita bj 🙂

    belated happy birthday po!


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