hello. it’s me. still.

I won’t make up any excuses anymore. I know most of you are looking forward to the latest issue of random wednesday every week. but alas, I wasn’t able to deliver those recently. it’s been really busy in the homefront, and 24hrs seemed like a blur to me in the last couple of weeks. honestly, I missed researching for juicy stuff to share with you every wednesday, and there are some “chizmaks” I had to forego altogether because I didn’t want to shortchange you even more.

anyways, my SIL (sis-in-law) ate mae, and her young family flew out to canada last wednesday. they are now officially migrants of this country and are slowly settling in. dear and I are just too happy to know they arrived safe in vancouver before finally landing in their destination in manitoba. it was hard to see them leave, I think my eyebags grew 10 inches wide because of too much bawling. I love my SIL, she’s like the real sister I never had. we’ll sorely miss them, especially the two little girls, jaibel and marge 😦 thank God for the internet, chikka, facebook, twitter and skype. missing them will be a little manageable, I guess.

okay, fess up.

here’s my SM idol09 round 5 entry. the challenge this week is to do a minibook with a minimum of 3 ATCs! I mentioned in my last post that I am not a minibook kind of person. but I thank the high heavens for letting me survive this one:  





and survive I did. I made it to round 6! we’re nearing the homestretch! although I’m not really sure how further away I will go. bahala na si the flash (sawa na ako kay batman, eh) 😀

see the girls with “sanib” who created some really gorgeous minis here as well.

oh yeah, I am also the pick of the week for round 3. announcement is here  *kilig*




2 Responses to TGIF

  1. Iris Uy says:

    sis ang cute naman to! At naingit ako ulit! Hey congrats on being POTW!

  2. Ate Lil says:

    Really love your style, whatever name you call it! Will be cheering you on…GO, Girl!

    Stay scrappinpretty,
    Ate Lil

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