bad bloggger.

too many things going on at the same time. personal, professional and in between. too many friends and family from across the globe coming in and out of the country for a vacay. busy. hilo na. deadlines to beat. endless. 

sorry about that.

anyhoo, just wanted to share something that happened last weekend. due to tffee’s request, I searched the net and printed selena’s song “dreaming of you” (my niece is just 6years old but she wanted this song).  so I showed it to her and I posted it on the fridge door using magnets, arranged two chairs for myself and her and we started singing duet. my puppy bailey was just there. tffee and I started to sing. and when we got to the song’s chorus, bailey stared to wail!

then we stopped and started singing again. same thing happened when we got to the chorus – bailey is indeed singing with us! ahww. my puppy’s a true diva 😀

anyways, here’s my SM idol09 round 4 entry. the challenge this time is to alter one patterned paper and one other embellie:


I almost did not make it to the deadline because I did some boo-boos. one of which is the photo (ang labo ng shot!). but all’s well now. I even made it to round 5! but this particular challenge is my waterloo. I don’t like doing minis! paktay na. 

see the entirety of what I did here, and the smashing creations of my co-challengers here.

weekend! busy pa rin in the next X number of days. whew.


One Response to TGIF

  1. NancyD says:

    Love the story about Bailey! She wants to sing, too!

    Congrats on making it to the next round! 🙂

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