scrap buffet… burp.


kinda late in posting this but I would just like to share the layouts I was able to make last saturday during the most original scrapbook-based concept I have ever attended – the scrap buffet by studio azul!


so there I was, oversleeping again and missed my early morning ride with alby. we were supposed to go together to the columns, makati for the scrap buffet and we wanted to be early to get all the perks like free parking, and most especially the free 15minute massage. I set my alarm at 5:15am because I initially planned to brisk walk first before stepping out of the house. I am too sure my alarm went off. but maybe because of sleepiness, I made pindot the “stop” button kaya ayun, tuluyan na akong di nagising. well, what’s new? 😉

and since the instruction was just to bring scissors, glues/tapes and some inkpads, I happily obliged and put those in a very small pouch. for once I am travelling über light to a scrapbooking event! woohoo. but I panicked because when I got to the venue at 10:00am (wala na akong libreng masahe!), I saw the familiar bulging roller totes of majority of the scrapbookers. cabbie asked where my stuff was, and I pointed that it was inside my small shoulder bag. PANIC. anyhoo

back to the scrap buffet concept. first was a simple challenge based on a sketch. we were asked to make a layout and then the scrap buffet opened soon after. man, we were “freeloading” on so many scrap goodies, it’s unbelievable! once you finish a layout, you may go back to the buffet to get some more scrap materials and it went on and on and on. galing, noh? I joined the sketch challenge PLUS I finished these 

spunky girl small

pure small

summer small

I realized I only had “tffee pictures”, and just one of myself…

so small

(this is for SFTIO “what have you learned from the past year?” layout)

this layout won in the sketch #2 challenge! my bff ems won in the sketch #1 challenge too.

ageless small

my only regret? I didn’t bring enough pictures 😦

special thanks to the studio azul blue ladies, mitch of visual creations and the PS mods! sa uulitin!



9 Responses to scrap buffet… burp.

  1. Uy, Beej! Love your layouts and to think you did all these in one day?? Di na yata ako mabubuhay sa inggit. Hahaha! I missed the Buffet! Waaah! 😀 Miss you, Girl!

  2. Liza says:

    Love the layouts sis! And lalo ako nagsisisi na di ako naka-join sa scrap buffet na yan.
    And wow, ang dami mong natapos na LO sis. Congrats on the win too!

  3. Candy says:

    Gorgeousness abounds! Grabe sa gaganda, Bjay! I so love your style!

  4. Ria says:

    Great LOs! Pansin ko lang parang madami tayong same pps ah, mukhang may iba ka pang nakuha sa mesa namin na di ko alam…haha…sa susunod dapat magka-table na tayo!

  5. Christine Villacarlos says:

    Awesome pages, Bjay! Love them all! Hindi sayang yung ‘travel light technique’ ah 🙂

  6. Jona Panesa says:

    wow, gaganda ng pages mo Bjay!!!

  7. Techie says:

    Nice LOs, Bjay. Dami mo natapos in just a few hours, kakainggit. 🙂

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  9. Tin says:

    I remember i couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw your scrap ummmm mini bag 🙂 thanks so much for going the buffet Bjay and may I say i have always been a fan. Naks! Your witty journaling and down to earth scrapping is just soooo, well, Bjay-ish hehe until next event, kitakits!

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