3 months na…


si bailey today!

close up small

so I only found out the month when she was born about 2weeks ago. well, I always thought about this teeny, tiny detail but never got around to really ask my benefactor cousin the exact date when bailey was born. april the 9th, during nighttime. sweet 🙂

can you spot the iron pig and dear’s tsinelas in the picture below?

oisssst small

this photo session last week took all of 88 shots. I tell you, she’s really a handful (ay, super playful! OVERRR.)! there’s a lot of shouting and chasing and foot nibbling involved. and this is the lone, decent shot I got of her that I used for this layout.

hey! saan ka punta, bailey girl!

hey hey small

for the record, bailey IS the one nibbling on my foot, ok? maige na yung malinaw. hahaha. 

wake up small

TRIVIAI almost named her “halo”, as in an angel’s halo. since I love this song of beyonce, and her video featured a doxie! watch at 1:51:

bailey had her second dose of the 5-in-1 shot last saturday, and got her nails clipped, too. I’m just not quite sure if I want to go back to her vet. she’s so, uhmmun-“vetty” to me. it’s my first time to meet this vet, since the first shots that bailey had with this particular vet, she was with my benefactor cousin.

sleeping beauty small

and this is my pooch after every shower. doesn’t she look sooo cute sleeping the same way like her human*?

*that’s me!

yeah-huh, puppy love 😀



5 Responses to 3 months na…

  1. Alby says:

    Awww…so cute!

    Who’s her vet? I go to De Mesa in Imus. Malapit lang sa atin. Last Sat, I took Cain there and it took us only 30 minutes to complete the visit – as in travel time + check up.

    zsa mizmo 😉

  2. janis says:

    ang cute talaga ni bailey!!! super natawa ko sa part na bailey’s the one nibbling your foot. di ko maimagine…LOL!!!!

  3. LG says:

    cute naman ni Bailey Ms. Bjay! Happy 3months Bailey!

  4. rachel says:

    I can’t stand it…I just want to scoop up her litle squirmy doxieness and kiss her face!

  5. lee i. says:

    such a cutie. my baby is always dugyut cause he gets everywhere. hehehe.

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