‘elo, peeps… meet audrey woulard.

 audrey woulard

she is the phenomenal children’s photographer from chicago and I am so honored to be able to show you her fantastic portfolio. she is a natural with kids, hence the awesome photos (okay, I will use superlatives and you can’t stop me – :D). she only shoot using available light and has the patience as long as the great wall of china. she’s also a mother to four energetic young boys. now if only I have even just a drop of her talent… oh yeah, and a DSLR to complete the dream.

I came across audrey’s site while I was blog-hopping. and after the jump, I was hooked! I think I was able to dissect her site and blog until my eyes were all watery from all the staring and ogling that I did. and if you are a scrapbooker like me, audrey is the best inspiration pitstop before you take your subject’s photo. immediately I emailed her, asking permission so I could post her work here. she was so graceful to tell me that I may do just that 🙂

so here are some of my favorite images in no particular order:

click to view larger image

















and simply because the cute babe is wearing this tee

madonna tee

there’s just too many eyecandies in there, so I must stop now. you can also see more of her earlier works here.

thanks for allowing me to post your work, audrey! promise, if I ever go to chicago, I will look you up (yes, I can dream). and it was nice emailing with you at four o’clock in the morning – your time 😉



7 Responses to ‘elo, peeps… meet audrey woulard.

  1. yvette says:


  2. Alby says:

    Amazing! And it struck me how each photo draws me to the eyes of the subject. The eyes are so … alive! (for lack of a better word!)

    Thanks for sharing Bjay!

  3. Lhy says:


  4. tna says:

    tenks 4 d visit bjay! 🙂

    hibernation period ko hehe. super busy sa school. 😦

    love the photo of the green-eyed boy hehe.

  5. NancyD says:

    WOW! So inspiring… I think I’ll take photos of my niece this afternoon!

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