TGIF: so you wanna be an idol, ey?


I finally bit the bullet, by joining the


yeah, and it’s great! loads of local talents in here, and it’s quite humbling to be playing in the same field as they are.

here’s the inspo for the elimination round (use at least 4 photos):

coke ad 

my take:

right now 

so why did I join only NOW, then? hmm, let’s see. my layout size wasn’t allowed before, that’s one. although I can easily shift to a 12×12 base, I was scared of the pressure, so that’s two. and three, I am too sure I’ll have palpitations as soon as I hear about the deadlines and the design twists that go with each elimination round. as if naman sigurado ako that I will survive the weekly elimination rounds, hahaha!! but I am in a great community with such awesome scrappers just too eager to support each other. so wherever this journey will take me, at least I have one less backlog to boast about. yipee-ya-yay for that 😀

let you know if I made it 😉

* * * * *  HOTP:  we all made it this time! yahu! * * * * *

weekend! weekend!

see you at the lasting impression sale tomorrow! 



3 Responses to TGIF: so you wanna be an idol, ey?

  1. emsfronda says:

    Love love love your take on the challenge! I-scraplift you yan!!! Goodluck girl and you know I’m behind you all the way!

  2. Cookie A. says:

    wow sis!!! Congrats and Im so proud of you!!! love you entry!!! super nice!!! will be cheering for you!


  3. LG says:

    Galing galing! Ms. Bjay thanks for all your lovely comments and support sa blog ko. You are one of the best filipino scrappers I’ve known. Im looking forward to meet you again and learn more of this hobby through your layouts

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