random wednesday 46


the. fly. must. die.

dead fly

what’s up with PETA anyway? I totally support the core of their cause and all. but man, these are flies! they spread germs and they are disease-carriers. now that I have bailey, I am more understanding of animals around me. at least that’s how I feel nowadays. but a fly is a fly IS A FLY. period. and prez obama is such a trooper, swatting that fly in the middle of an interview. but can he also do what mr. miyagi did using just his chopsticks?

mr. miyagi

mr miyagi, isdatchu

some serious fly swatting gizmos:


fish tail flower power

met flyswot



leatherflipflopflyrwho would’ve thought phillippe starck has a fly swatter product too? shushal!

philippe starck

okay. that’s all the random fly things I have for you today. 

hey, signal no. 2 landfall in central luzon happens tonight at 8pm.



2 Responses to random wednesday 46

  1. Alby says:

    I agree. Flies spread germs and they leave maggots behind. Yuck! I love animals, too! I have four dogs. And I’m all for saving animals. But pests? Ewww… and besides, with too much flies flying around, and at the rate they are reproducing, I doubt if they will ever have problems of extinction.

    Why would Philippe Starck have fly swatters? I’m sure the people who can afford them don’t have flies in their homes. 😀

  2. yvette says:

    i love this post, bj! and agreed about the fly. i wish they’d all just drop dead, along with mosquitoes and cockroaches. i like the tsinepin swatter 🙂

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