giddy, happy :)


well, a giddy and happy monday to you all! let me begin the new week by saying exactly as what my blog post title is today 😀

I finally landed on the BG gallery! it may be no biggie for some, but it is for me! I have always approached the use of basic grey patterned papers with trepidation. so to try my luck in submitting to this gallery for the first time is really a feat in itself.


I think I’m gonna do it again sometime.  

lastly, I would like to share with you an article that my former SFTIO kit club boss rachel blogged about yours truly. I have never read anything this awesome about me, it’s unbelievable (sige na nga pwera kiyems- I believe. nyahahah!). really humbled 😮

click on my photo below to get to that blog post.


thanks, ninang* rachel!

PS* rachel agreed to be the godmother of bailey, being a wirehaired doxie-mama herself.

PPS*  GoD-mother, DoG-mother… cool 😀

PPS*  incidentally, SFTIO will celebrate its first year anniversary this july! so watch the site like a hawk and join the fun on july 1st for some fun, games and prizes!



2 Responses to giddy, happy :)

  1. rachel says:

    Love your BG LO – congrats!! And you most certainly deserve all the accolades you get! Mwah!

  2. Liza says:

    Congrats sis on the BG Gallery feature. That layout is one of my faves from you. And that is such a sweet article about you from Rachel. You are definitely one talented lady and there’s no question to it! Go girl!

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