random wednesday 43: “pikachu”


this is pikachu:


just kidding. pick a shoe:


 I can so see myself  wearing this with a classic LBD


or this maybe…


too much statement worn with the classic LBD perhaps?



never wear plain black pumps again.


love me some wedges worn with  my super flared levi’s jeans


kitten heels are always F-U-N.


pamatay na red pointers!


cute flats (my all time fave)


too cute I guess. but I still like-y.

random shoe finds on the net. haaay. I can look at them forever! so what did you like? 😀



7 Responses to random wednesday 43: “pikachu”

  1. jeanie nieva says:

    i love the blue wedges and red and black shoes.:)

  2. NancyD says:

    ooh, this is fun!
    I’m tempted to pick the black and white polka dot with red trim, cause they are SO CUTE. But I rarely wear heels, cause they make me taller than Dan! So I will have to go with the very cute flats with the adorable tassels. I can see them with jeans and a T shirt.

    Fun game!

  3. chiqui says:

    this was fun! i like all except the 2nd and the 3rd. you are making me want to go shoe shopping!

  4. Cel says:

    Pretty shoes!!! I love the black polka dot with a splash of red. So sexy.

  5. darkbeloved says:

    I love the strappy blue-green shoes and the red and black katy perry-esque ones! Hay, I miss dressing up. Although, hindi nakakamiss yung pagsakit ng mga kasu-kasuan ko dahilan sa high heels. 😀

  6. leasanders says:

    Nah, they all look uncomfortable. Pretty but not practical for me. I choose you, Pikachu!

  7. Anna says:

    the black polka dot!! the red pointers are a close 2nd!

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