random wednesday 41 (photo heavy)

 taylor dayne

I had the worse LSS (last song syndrome) experience a couple of nights ago. 

I was on my way home one night in a bus, sandwiched by two women. to my left was a humongous, athletic girl whose sportsbag was making my thigh numb. to my right was a petite and bespectacled lady in her early 50’s. she looked so delicate I almost dwarfed her. and I am only 5ft & 4in tall.

so I was trying to sleep the commute away, while the athletic girl’s head was swaying from side to side threatening to hit my face (gasp!). I’m pretty sure the nice lady on my right was asleep too. when all of a sudden I heard a weird sing-song sound, kind of like alvin the chipmunk was having a very bad case of constipation. 

alas, the nice lady was singing pala with her eyes closed pa! I still can’t decipher what song it was. but it sure sounded very weird. then she stopped. so I tried sleeping again. I was already half-asleep when suddenly, *all together now* she started singing again!

(alvin the chipmunk is constipated alvin the chipmunk is constipated)

by this time I was so freaked out by the sound that’s coming out of her slightly pursed lips. I got curious so I took a good look at her lips (her eyes were still closed ha) and found out what she was singing all this time: love will lead you back. a song popularized by taylor dayne in the mid-80’s.

“love will lead you back, someday I just know that, love will lead you back to my arms, where you belong”  imagine it’s alvin the chipmunk having-a-very-bad-case-of-constipation version. it went on and on – –  the lady singing just the refrain of the song until I reached my stop. it was an ordeal I had to go through for a full hour and 45 minutes. ohmygawd.

segue: unfortunately taylor dayne also fell prey to botched plastic surgery. look at her before (above), post before (below) and after looks:

what happened


here naman are some success stories of other stars. either they aged gracefully or they have a very good doctor. what do you think? 

susan lucci

lisa rinna

too much lip collagen nga lang

michelle pfeiffer

I am going to be very “graphic” after the jump, okay?  so please bear with me.


I recently discovered anion. a negative-ion charged sanitary napkin that claims to eliminate feminine odour when used during the menstrual cycle. I read an article that says it can also prevent infections, among other things. I was skeptical at first, but gave it a go anyways. I must say that when I took a whiff of my soiled napkin (okay, okay. my being “graphic” ends here), I didn’t smell anything foul. 

anion pad

although it is not BFAD approved, it is internationally patented. by the way, it IS a product of china. but doesn’t all things we enjoy now come from china? oh, it is also almost 3x more expensive than the regular napkins available in the market. so proceed with caution 😀

I promised that I will let my friend sansoo’s creations debut here. feast on some cuteness:

bag charms:


this is MINE!!!








earring sample (many colors, sizes S & L)


cute, cute gift ideas! she is selling these babies and will come up with more quirky and fun items on her own site very soon! PM her here.  

I’m also being featured over at papergoodness. should be the whole month of may, I was told. thanks, papergoodness!

midweek peeps, stock up on chichiria for the weekend!



6 Responses to random wednesday 41 (photo heavy)

  1. sansoo says:

    thanks for featuring my little friends and my crafty jewelry. more to come soon! =)

  2. lours says:

    very creative! cute jewelry! keep them coming!

  3. Ana says:

    Labit, labit!
    Reesey loves her earrings. =)

  4. Alby says:

    Michelle Pfeifer is so pretty. 😀

    I’ve tried that Anion napkin. My SIL gave one pack to me. ButI don’t like that it’s so thick! I use the ultra thin variety kase.

    Cute bag charms! I love the elephant, the lamb and the bird. They’re all cute!

  5. cookie A. says:

    hi Bjay!!! grabe i really love reading your blog!!! nakakatuwa at talaga na papa -WHHHHAAATTTT ako hihihi!

    neway!!! cute stuff too!!! super!

  6. Cielo Pauly delos Santos says:

    Hi Bjay! More before and after pics of celebrities…tama ka, sa panahon ngayon di mo na malaman kung nag age ba gracefully o success ang mga doctors nila.
    Yung si Kaden Romeo (Live from Suni California, Mar. 2009)anak ba ni Rachelle Cate?

    hi, ciel! yeah, he is 😀

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