copee doo



it’s a very rainy start of the week. and I seem to be in sync with the weather – slow, sluggish and just plain lazy. are you feeling the early rainy days blues too?

here’s a little story to perk you up. happened last may 1st during the great SM labor day weekend sale. cast of characters: moi, mum, tffee and the saleslady from a well-known sterling silver jewelery store.

ME:  meron ba kayong ring na pang-bata ang size?

SALESLADY:  meron po mam. eto po (hands over the ring to me).

ME:  tffee here, oh… look, you like this?

TFFEE:  yes po, ninang.

ME:  may iba pa ba kayong design? ang liit ng design eh. ano ba ito?

note:  kasi malabo mata ko, wasn’t wearing my eyeglasses. but the design looked like a dog to me.

SALESLADY:  ay mam, yan na lang po smallest namin.  copee doo po iyan. maganda po, di ba?

MUM:  ano anak, aso ba daw?

ME / TFFEE :  si scooby doo daw mum eh. /  scooby doo daw po, mama.

SALESLADY:  copee doo po! si copee doo. ayan po, may mga wengs pa. bebe (referring to tffee, who by this time is so confused), isokat mo na para makita mo na maganda.

we bought the ring.




One Response to copee doo

  1. Liza says:

    kakaiba talaga ang mga eksena sa paligid mo kapatid! LOL!!!!!

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