movies overload


I did a major couch potato lovin’ last holy week, watching movies on marathon via my thumbdrive. I watched:


1.  quarantine (scary, not for the faint-hearted. thing is, I am not easily creeped out by scary movies. but this one kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end.)


2.  7 pounds (a bit heavy. I cried. but I super like the roller coaster of human emotions that is guilt, big love, and being torn doing split decisions. besides, I {heart} will smith.) 


3.  the reader (very good story line. the pedophile kind of love bothered me a bit, though.)


4.  russell peters, a standup comic from canada. (he was hilarious when he swore in tagalog. he’s soooooo good, matalino pa. google him.)

5.  slumdog millionaire (this is a revelation for me. no wonder it won best picture. although the dancing during the credits was hilarious! adja-adja-adjaaaa-auwa-waaaa-aaah…)

I did enjoy watching these movies on the computer screen while my earphone’s plugged-in. surround sound was awesome, since dear’s watching tv just a couple of meters away from me. but I swear I won’t watch another scary movie like quarantine after midnight, when dear’s fast asleep, with just the lamp’s light on and while my earphone’s plugged-in. PSSSSSTTTT… kaloka.


today though, I watched T2 with mum and my niece, ia. eh hindi ako natakot. let’s just put it this way, whatever teaser you saw in  between commercials is just about it. CGI is okay, but everything else is predictive. I still love maricel 🙂

okay. before finally deciding on T2, we were checking out the monitor shuffle different movies and schedules. suddenly, mummy dearest blurted out:

“yan na lang, C2!”

oha. ginawang health drink ng nanay ko yung pelikula.



7 Responses to movies overload

  1. Stage66 says:

    It’s nice to hear that you watched these five movies this week, I like all these movies.

  2. tna says:

    ay wow! now that is productive leisure time hihi. congratulations bjay. 😉

    thanks for the visit girl. sarap talaga seeing your child mature. nakakasad lang kse ala na ko baby 😦 yaw na nya pa call na baby.

    proud din ako dun sa cake ko hihi and the next time na magkikita tayo (which i think will be when marisa arrives in october hehehe) matitikman mo ang aking mga cupcakes 😀 pramis yan!

    on another note, i was playing around with photoshop yesterday and i can no longer duplicate the effects i did on the photo you were asking about (if i am not mistaken, pati si lee nagtanong din sa kin) 😦 bad me, i didn’t even save a copy of that edited photo. anyway, i will keep on trying and remember that when i am using phohotoshop, ikaw naaalala ko dahil dun sa tanong mong yun. hihihi. 🙂

    haba ng nobela ko lol.

    have a great week 🙂

  3. tna says:

    nga pala. when ruben and i watched slumdog, we were also taken aback by the dancing lol para kong nakita sina romnick at sheryl lol hehehe 😉 (peace for romnick-sheryl fans out there)

    tuwing nakikita ko tuloy si anoop (american idol) naaalala ko si jamal hehe

  4. yvette says:

    hi bjay! thanks for hoppin, by.. i like your line-up here. i’ve been wanting to see quarantine since i saw the trailer ages ago but then, i still have the dibidis of seven pounds (love wil smith, too) and the reader that i’ve yet to see.. oh well.. anyway, i DID watch slumdog and loved it. and i love russel peters, specially when he does impressions of his father, haha, so funny, that.
    as for the owls, i have sold some and i also take orders. so if you know someone who wants one, this will be a good time to order coz there’s this eb coming soon.. well, i’m sure u know the deets. my friends can bring the felties there, and u can check them out. surreptitiously, of course. 🙂

  5. Gracie says:

    Thanks for the movie reviews. I got Slumdog uploaded on my phone but haven’t gotten the chance to watch it yet. Naunahan pa ko ni Marcie. Alam kasi kalikutin ng anak ko ang phone ko and I think naaaliw siya with the dancing part at the end coz she keeps repeating that part. Hehe.

  6. sandra yu says:

    I watched T2 with hubby, last tuesday..malayo sa expectations ko ..coz i compared it with the previous movie that Chito Rono had..parang bitin and di ako natakot..hehe! pero keri naman ang acting ni Maricel. Dami mong reviews..salamat for sharing

  7. Buffum says:

    Sweet! I feel like I just dug up gold 😉

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