today is my last day at workbecause I’ll be on a 7-day mandatory leave. woo-hoo!!!

bankers must avail of the 7-day mandatory leave every year for audit purposes. and as with my past availments, I make sure I can really streeeeeeetch it to the max. given the holidays and weekends I’ll cross-over, I will be reporting for work on april 20th na, monday. haba, noh?

so what’s on my agenda during my leave? uhm, wala. I won’t have any fancy vacation place to go to and I’m not taking any voice lessons. wehehehe… I’ll just be on house arrest purging things, maybe do some scrapping, maybe some house cleaning, but mostly sleeping! I need to catch up on my Zzzzz’s most definitely.

and yeah, special observance of the holy week. as a catholic, I have certain responsibilities to fulfill, too. I will also blog out for a few days para magnilay-nilay. please check back on easter sunday if you care to see some layouts and read some random stories *wink*

but tomorrow, hang loose muna for 2 days because I am attending the scrapjam in clarkfield, pampanga. yay!

here’s a layout I did using an antiquated photo of mysefl – definitely a must try if you’re brave enough 😀





One Response to TGIF

  1. maybs says:

    Kwento ka about Scrap Jam ha….. Have fun on your vacation.

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