random wednesday 38



what a fool – I must say that his article was very well written. but it is full of bigotry which obviously satiates only his distorted ideology. apparently, he is so used to doing this writing style and we are not the first victims.

I always believe that one can get his point across without using racial innuendos – – – it is just not fair, period. why call our country a “nation of servants?” where did that come from? does this chip chap, chop tsai, chap chae, chuk chak guy know who the movers and shakers of this country are? I mean, I can say a lot about HIS race, alright…  but for the life of me, I am much too secured about myself and at peace with the world to keep my mouth shut. democracy and free press also has its limitations, you know. 

I am all for him being blacklisted and denied entry to our country until he makes a public apology. that one round of boxing with parañaque representative roilo golez won’t hurt either. good times 😀   

*** HOTP:  chuk chak, er, chip tsao have made his public apology to the filipino people. wellllll… ***

bad news for tilapia (st. peter’s fish) lovers like me


research revealed that farm-raised tilapia, “have several fatty acid characteristics that would generally be considered by the scientific community as detrimental. tilapia has higher levels of potentially detrimental long-chain omega-6 fatty acids than an 80% lean hamburger, doughnuts and even pork bacon”, the article says.

gano’n? eh andami ko nang nakain na tilapia. hay.

but good news for our muslim sisters, thoughbehold the burqini!  


there’s now a multi-line of activewear for the muslim women. now this is what I call innovation.

a while back I shared a sneak peek of my buzz and bloom™ project for march. here’s what it is in full view:


now here’s another buzz and bloom™ sneak peak for april. I did a lot of painting and “burning” on this one:


my non-entry for kaya 23, my friend alby is the challenger for march.


kaya 24 – STAMP ATTACK! I am the challenger this month! here’s my sample layout. read the mechanics and full details of the challenge here


you notice anything about the pictures I used in the 3 succeeding layouts? 😉

3 more winks before the scrapjam! 



3 Responses to random wednesday 38

  1. cookie A. says:

    naku yari din ako sa tilapia!!! tsarap pa naman!!! hahaha!! your new sneak for bnb looks good!!! at love your kaya LO!!! promise sasali ako hihih!


  2. Archie says:

    That Chip Tsao comment initially pissed me off when I read it. But I thought about it longer and realized that this guy’s pretty much dug his own grave. With his asinine comments being said, he automatically loses credibility, which is everything to a journalist like him. And that is punishment enough. May he never regain his stature in the world of journalism. Now THAT would be cool! (Evil laugh) Bwahahahaha!!!!

  3. emsfronda says:

    Chip-a-in natin yan si Tsao! Heniweys, emailed Lee na with my Kaya entry. Miss you na!

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