thanks again to you friends, for all the “build me up, buttercup” comments you left on my last issue of randomwed (pausong term). if I caused a bit of a concern for you, fear not anymore. that was just pure venting. I’m sure you also have human days like that. mine nga lang, I’ve put it into writing 🙂 I really hope to visit sagada in the near future and be blessed by its mystique.  

anyhoo. a sneak peek of my last project for march. check out the rest of the design team’s fabulous works at the buzz and bloom™ blog! 


here are some layouts I finished a few days ago. I am just way glad the mojo decided to come back. I tell you when I experience a dry spell, it can really stretch for days on end. aaaackkkbuti na lang nanumbalik. thank you Lord! 


that’s my kuya – the one and only and this is my first layout of him 😀


and this is my older niece, ia. tffee’s ate. my lookalike. seriously.


hey, wherever you may be in this planet, please help mother earth feel better for an hour tomorrow night from 8:30-9:30PM. let it be a romantic experience if you will  – – –

lights out muna 😀





4 Responses to TGIF

  1. lee i says:

    lovely layouts all. we’ll join you in turning the lights off tomorrow. btw, if it’s really ok with you to be subjected to dh’s first film, will bring it next week hahaha. kung di lang malayo sa yo ang antipolo, invite kita.

  2. Ate Lil says:

    hi Bjay! Glad your mojo is back…always love your work!
    Take care! Be happy!

  3. Jo says:

    Love your style! 🙂 I love the layering.

  4. Alby says:

    Lovely layouts!

    And yes, your niece looks like you! Lucky girl! 😀 Did she get your creativity too?

    We’re already trying to figure out what to do during the hour-long darkness. Barbecue?

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