random wednesday 36: stamped for life


yesterday, I attended the very first integration meeting with some officers of my new employer. with much anticipation and excitement, we headed off to their place of business and entered the premises at our own risk. as expected, our arrival merited some gawking and obvious whispers. which is kind of normal, I guess.     

there I met my “new colleagues”, spent a good hour and a half talking about future plans and basically just getting to know each other and what we do within our job capacities. I must say that I like what I see and hear. the coffee’s aroma helped a lot in processing that thought. overall, it’s very promising. so here’s to CHANGE.


ok. let’s get down to business, shall we?

when I was younger, I used to believe that tattoos were just for the emboldened people who doesn’t care “dirtying” their skin forever. of course I also generalized them in a certain category within a social class — hey, gimme a break here. don’t react just yet. I said [opinion] when I was younger, didn’t I?   


what used to be just a tribal ritual (like the maoris of new zealand) to signify bravery, initiation to manhood, stature within a class, etc. is now regarded as the ultimate form of self-expression and absolute individuality. something we all strive for, and nothing’s wrong with that.  


UV tattoo, visible under blacklight. more samples here

but things do CHANGE. I changed.

the earliest recollection I had entertaining the idea of being stamped for life came when I was in college. I sure wanted to have one, alright. and my greatest concern then wasn’t about my mum finding out about itmore like how I was going to handle the pain I will experience in the process of being under the needle repeatedly within a fraction of a minute. I also dread the day when I will start hating my tattoo, simply because I made a wrong design choice. certainly, I do not have the budget for laser treatments to have it erased. having a tat is a serious business.


another artform. read about scarification here; samples here

I digress. even at the height of my curiosity to have one, the desire wasn’t strong enough for me to commit myself. and there are a lot of considerations to be factored in, much more than some of the items I have enumerated earlier. 

but today, right here, right now, I still think about it. will I finally have one? uh-uhmnot in the foreseeable near future. aside from the fact that dear won’t hear of it. we are partners and I have to put weight on his opinion which matters a great deal to me. I don’t think it will make me less special as an individual without it, though I acknowledge the fact that it can make me an extraordinary person in my own right. that being said, I am keeping my door wide open for a possibility.


something I can see myself wearing: the philippine map in pink ink, perhaps? seriously.

I now see tattooed people in a different light and perspective. I can understand their silent cause and they have my utter respect. because now I realize how intense a commitment it is to oneself, which requires no explanation due for others. ika nga, “walang pakialamanan.”

so tell me, would you consider having your own tats? or if you already have one now, please share your opinion and sentiment.



10 Responses to random wednesday 36: stamped for life

  1. wonker says:

    Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  2. anam says:

    personally tattoos to me are like a permanent scrapbook on my skin – each of mine tell a story about me at a particular time in my life.

    but even inked people dislike other ink – i don’t like facial ink and i am not a fan of scarification. and even some topics i dont like – like i do not like skulls or zombies or such like.

    just remember to have an open mind and an open heart about tattoos and the people wearing them – too many people are bigoted and life is too short for that.

    i have some great connections in the tattoo industry to the point I have had scrapbooking articles in several tatoo magazines – you can find out about the articles here – http://www.inkedscrapbookers.com

  3. Archie says:

    While I agree with anam that tattoos tell a story of one’s life, my tattoos are representations of what I hold dear to my heart. My family name is proudly displayed in my right bicep, along with the my home province of ‘CAVITE’. This represents the Spanish component of my heritage. The dragon on my left bicep represents luck and the Chinese component of my heritage. The names of my children are forever etched on my chest, near my heart. There is one more piece of work that I will get done, and that is the Holy Cross on my back to signify my Christian faith and my relationship with God. I’ll get it done when I see you guys in December!

    You know the funny thing is, none of my tats are visible when wearing a regular shirt! I just have this thing about tattoos showing during work hours or formal events.

  4. Alby says:

    Hey Bjay!

    I’m only brave enough to get a henna tattoo during trips to Bora – usually a butterfly or something cute and kikay.

    In this day and age of self-expression, I’m beginning to see tattoos as just that – a way to express your individuality (unlike before when the perception is that people who have tattoos were jailed criminals or ex-convicts). To some extent, it is even a form of art. Sometimes, I look at tattoo designs on the net and I am amazed at how elaborate they are. People express themselves in different ways – some are far too weird for me, but still, I respect their preferences. I like expressing myself through scrapbooking and other forms of arts and crafts (and getting nail art once in a while). Some prefer to be “stamped for life”. Kanya-kanya lang yan.

  5. Barbie says:

    Hi, Bjay!

    Happy naman that you’re not having trouble transitioning with your new management. Maybe this is a instance of change being a good thing, yay!

    I’ve always wanted a tattoo, as a religious commitment as well as a symbol of individuality. I’m thinking when I turn 32, I’ll get the symbol of Bastet drawn on my left shoulder, or Fire’s chop on the small of my back. 🙂

  6. Olive says:

    may naalala ako sa entry mo. i was watching EB’s calendar girl (long time ago) & JDL asked the girl “kung ikaw ay magpapa-tattoo, saang parte ng katawan mo ikaw magpapa-tattoo at ano ang ilalagay mo?” and the contestant answered “sa kilay po!” hahaha Bosing & JDL were speechless for a few seconds…tama nga naman diba?

    well, i’ve been wanting to get one, just the names of my 2 kids – pat & igi (buti na lang they have short nicknames) but someone said na if you get a tattoo you can’t donate blood so it kinda changed my mind. though i don’t really know if it’s true or not.

    or siguro sabi nga ni CG contestant; sa kilay – manipis na kasi eyebrows ko eh. tattoo pa rin naman yun diba?

  7. Rox says:

    I know a lot of people who give it as birthday pressies for loved ones-my friend had a tattoo when he turned 40 and it was his wife’s name…personally I would probably not have it simply because my hubby will surely have one done too and I don’t like him to have it.

  8. Archie says:

    Regarding with what Olive said about blood donations: it’s partially true that you are not allowed to donate blood within one year of getting your last tattoo. You may, however, donate blood after the 12 month moratorium. This comes directly from my sister and my brother, who are both clinical laboratory scientists (aka med tech sa Pinas)here in the States.

  9. tna says:

    hi bjay! ankle tattoos are cool {and cute} hehe.

    by the way, tagged you. please visit my blog. i know you might be very busy but i am thanking you na in advance. hehe.

    thanks! 🙂

  10. leasanders says:

    Hi, bjay! I actually do have a tattoo of a black tribal dragon on my right thigh. I got it done when I was 24 (younger and more wreckless) with a group of co-worker friends one Saturday afternoon. I had been wanting to have a tattoo done at that point for a while and many of my male co-workers advised against me getting it on my calf where everyone would be able to see it. OMG! It hurt so bad! It took an hour of knife-sharp needles pressed into the skin. 5 of us went in, 3 of us got tattoos. Mine by far was the biggest and most obvious. It is about 4 inches long. Now then, it ended up infected soon after I got it because I rubbed a cream into it that I didn’t know I was allergic to. Thankfully a visit to the doctor fixed that along with a lot of Benadryl!

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