babalik ka rin…


as if last friday wasn’t enough penitensiya, together with dear, my formidable mum, my nieces ia and tffee

we scored these “crockiedoodles” today!






– sorry for the fancy term, I’m excited 😀

I am so proud of myself today because I have proven once again that one, if it involved a massive sale, I am willing to wake up very early on a sunday; two, I am not afraid to fall into a never-ending beeline just because; and three, I don’t care standing in line under the scorching heat (more like a heatwave to me). I was calm, I was collected, I was composedI also got an instant tan.

but once inside the megatent, I was a warrior! I dug, I WAS pushed and shoved by a lot people, I ALSO pushed and shoved a lot of people, but I flashed a smile every time. Ha.

finally in this kind of a crazy sale, all the different classes of society are on equal footing: one must get in line, dig into boxes and sweat a little like all the rest. the world was indeed flat from march 13-15, 2009.




4 Responses to babalik ka rin…

  1. kristina says:

    hihihi. bjay. i enjoyed your crocs adventure. 🙂 and you scored really nice crocs. congratulations! 🙂

  2. Grabe! Wish I was there to watch you in action. Or even take your picture. Sarap i-scrap yan! Hehehe! Love the one that you got for yourself and for your mum. Hmmm… Kailan kaya magkakasale ng ganyan dito. 😀 I’ll probably push and shove with a smile just as you did. 😀

  3. Archie says:

    Ang lupit mo talaga, Bjay! You’re either a warrior or just a glutton for punishment. I personally would not brave the heat just to score a deal on crocs. Pero in fairness, you were able to acquire nice gifts for your loved ones. Talagang they can appreciate it more because of all the trouble you had to go through to get these!

  4. Marix says:

    wooohooo! grabelacious! hahaha
    enjoy your new footwear!

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