crocs mega sale!


who would’ve thought that there’s a jungle in the heart of ortigas?! it took ems and myself 4½ hours of rummaging through literally hundreds of boxes, while on a loaded bladder, migraine attacks caused by hunger and an almost sahara desert-ish dried up mouths before we found our crocs:



but you can’t resist a good deal, can you? 😀


free entrance for all BPI cardholders and a fee of Php50.00 for non-BPI cardholders. all other major credit cards accepted. 



6 Responses to crocs mega sale!

  1. Rachel says:

    Too cute! I never ‘got’ crocs until I got a pair with fleece lining..LOVE them!

  2. maybs says:

    hay naku, Bjay! Nag-attempt ako yesterday but when I saw the traffic sa Meralco pa lang, retreat nalang ako. he-he… glad you made it!

  3. janis says:

    wow!!! buti nakita ko post mo. tingnan ko kung makalusot kami – – sana mapapayag ko hubby ko to drive me here. ;o)

  4. Alby says:

    Hi Bjay! Congrats at nakabili ka. Ako, walang tyaga maghalungkat at makipagsiksikan. 😀

    Happy weekend!

  5. Nina says:

    Ano ba yan, kapatid. Naluha na naman ako nung nakita ko yung follow-up post mo kay Francis M. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Super kaaliw naman kayo ni Ems. Para kayong dynamic duo. Hehe.

    Love your new creations! =)


  6. ems says:

    Knowing you, I was sure you’ll retreat when you saw the line. Aba, mas matiyaga ka pala sa akin…at bumalik pa last Sunday! Hah! Was happy with my loots too! Wish I had more moolah to buy MORE…para mas sulit ang 4 hours (could have been 2 hours if we didn’t go back to the jungle but I’m glad we did, you found dear a better pair ;0)

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