random wednesday 35



you know it’s really summertime in our country when as soon as you get out of bed in the morning, there is already a mist of perspiration on your forehead – I kid you not.

and then as soon as you leave the shower, it’s not only water that is dripping from your backside, but also your own sweat (maalat!).


the philippine mango variety is the best in the world!

hey. I love summer, the beach, and halo-halo (the original digman is a few kilometers away from our place), but I hate the ridiculous scorching heat. I get migraines and I squint a lot. dear even has a term for my behavior whenever I get antsy about the high humidity: “kawawa naman si dear (that’s me), bumubula na ang kili-kili.” 

thanks a lot, dear 😉


still on summer, and if you’re bohol-bound

finally, an ordinance was passed to protect the tarsiers from being totally endangered. a nocturnal mammal, the tarsier has a life expectancy of up to 24 years in the wild. however, during captivity, a tarsier may survive for up to 2-5 years only. and did you know that they can be suicidal? apparently when subjected under extreme stress (like when people gush about them and man-handle them during interactive exhibit), they smash their heads against objects. kawawa naman, di ba.  


the twilight saga continues, and in the movie “new moon”, dakota fanning is jane, a member of the evil volturi coven of vampires. I personally think it is a perfect casting. she’s blossomed into a real beauty, noh? 


can’t wait to watch the movie xmen origins: wolverine. love ko kasi si hugh. o-ha, first name basis. playdate is may 1st, no word yet when it’ll hit our theatres. 

please watch out for my march projects featuring the new “mini series” line over at the buzz and bloom™ blog. go check out the other design team members’ take using this new line as well. big things indeed come in small packages 🙂


have an awesome two day stretch before weekend!

next week: let’s talk about tattoos 😀 



7 Responses to random wednesday 35

  1. kristina says:

    hay bjay. dagdag mo pa yung mawawalan ng kuryente yung oras na kasagsagan ng init {tanghaling tapat} grrr.

    ay! love ko den si wolverine. kita mo na yung trailer? da best! hihihi.

    dakota naman will make a very good jane noh? hihihi. sino nga kaya si alec. curious ako.

    lapit na weekend. 🙂

  2. Alby says:

    I can’t agree more re summer heat. I woke up sweating at 4am this morning! Our aircon stays on til 3 since it would have been cool enough by then. But no!

    And yes, Dakota has grown to a very pretty young lady.

    Missed your blog. 😀

  3. Archie says:

    The scorching humid heat is what I don’t miss sa Pinas. When I went to visit in 2002, I had to take 3 showers a day because I was sweating like crazy. That was the only time I ate like a pig and still came back to the States 6 pounds less! The best halo-halo is the one that you make for yourself!

    Illegal logging and poaching is what endangers the tarsier today. These poachers and illegal loggers should get stiffer penalties for the crap that they pull. I’ll stop now before expletives come out.

    Always liked Dakota Fanning as a child actress, I’m pretty sure I’ll like her too when she starts playing more grown-up roles.

    I’m an X-Men fan too. Hugh Jackman is a tremendous actor who doesn’t get enough credit for the body of work he’s done.

    Can’t wait for your blog on tattoos…I have 4 of them and may get more…Woot, woot!!!

  4. Barbie says:

    I love that last picture, Bjay!

  5. cay says:

    Oh yes, Phils mango rocks! Whaaah! I want them…. gimmme, gimemmem.

    Nice blog!

  6. Wati says:

    Great pics..and to tell you the truth I love phils beach especially Boracay…been there twice and it had been my fav since!!

  7. tribong_upos says:

    sadly tarsiers are still being exploited… hope the environment officials would be more determined in helping conserve and preserve our biodiversity…

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