random wednesday 33


don’t you ever wish life wasn’t as complicated as it is now for us? I  mean, just like back in highschool where all you cared about was if you had enough spraynet for your bangs, and you didn’t forget to ask your mom or your dad for lunch money? my girlfriends and I had a heart to heart talk this past weekend. we realized, while pouring our hearts out over kikiam, squid balls and ice cold pop cola that indeed, we are trapped deep into the adult world, replete with so much human intricacies and conflicts. sigh.


after 23 years, we’re still fighting it out: a battle whose cause is forgotten. sana ibinigay na lang sa workforce ang non-working holiday today. eh di sana natuwa pa ang maraming tao, noh!


commencing the start of lent. have you done this? unfortunately for me, I wasn’t able to.


this isn’t news. but it still shocked me when I saw rihanna’s picture a few days ago. I like the girl’s talent and her beautiful face. so rather than posting the same here in my blog, you may just click here to find out for yourself.

Philippines Fertilizer Scam

a reporter spotted this “scam” bag shopping for a new car somewhere in the metro. grabe, he can still manage to do that?! to think that just a few months ago, he was feigning chest pains and being on the verge of tears while on the interrogation floor at the senate. 

okay, I obviously don’t have much to share today. work beckoned, time was tight and life just happened. but I would like to remind you to check back in the next few days for a chance to win a blog candy in celebration of my 1st blog-o-versary. yesss, isang taon na ang aking blog! 😀



3 Responses to random wednesday 33

  1. Nigel Tomm says:

    Your thoughts are simple and so amazing.

  2. tna says:

    not much for you is already a lot for your readers. 🙂 love everything about your blog. natuto pa ako ha. hehe.

  3. Archie says:

    Isn’t it ironic, Bjay, how we used to want to be treated as a grown-up during our teenage years? Yet now that we’re older we wish for those years back when things were less complicated. Hindsight is always 20-20 I guess.

    The political climate in Pinas will never change. I’ve already conceded to the fact that corruption in Philippine politics is an accepted way of life and that it will remain constant long after our children and our children’s children are gone from this world.

    As for Chris Brown, I hope he gets his just desserts. I really don’t care what Rihanna might’ve said and done to piss him off, but he has no business beating her down the way he did.

    As for Lent, I missed Ash Wednesday too due to my office schedule. But Lent is a time when all of us should reflect on the individual sacrifices we all have to make in observance of the Lord’s sacrifice for all of us.

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