this girl is six today


— edited —


tffee went to school in the morning, but had a mini (as in super mini) party later in the day with 6 of her bestest school friends at the family compound.


in the evening, friends of my kuya and sis-in-law ate carol came and joined in the fun too. and tffee got some very nice gifts that definitely made her day.



happy, happy birthday, tipipay!!!


2 Responses to this girl is six today

  1. scrappylife says:

    happy birthday, tffee!!! 🙂 naku ha. kinikilabutan pa rin ako whenever i think about your “snake moment”. brrrrr. ayaw ko talaga ng slimy slithery things – snakes in particular!!! ilapit mo na ako sa buwaya, wag lang sa ahas. brrrr.

  2. Archie says:

    It’s funny, Bjay…I just had a nostalgic moment looking at these pics. I remember many years ago, how we were the same age as these kids. Kinda makes me wish sometimes to have the same worry-free attitude these kids have. Life was so much simpler then.

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