it’s not everyday that one catches a 24 inch snake (yes, the scaley kind!) in the middle of a family-owned compound. so imagine my surprise the other night while I was walking towards my mum’s house to give her something, I almost stepped on this reptile but the loud hissing sound it made gave it away. hala, napatakbo ako ng bonggang bongga!

my nephew tim and my sister-in-law ate carol (tim’s mom) came to my rescue and we smashed the darn creature to smithereens. honestly, we think it can turn to a full-grown venomous specie judging from the color of its scales and mouth width.

exciting to live in the province, noh? 

I will be celebrating my first blogoversary in a couple of weeks and I think giving away a RAK is in order. meantime I leave with you a layout of my godchild chloe. she’s turning one on february 23 and the party’s going to be down under. happy birthday, baby bear!





4 Responses to TGIF

  1. Alby says:

    Oh yeah, the perils of living in the country side. We caught a lot of snakes when I was younger, once in our living room. Fortunately, we have not encountered any reptiles in Kawit, save for the usual butiki. 😀 Just the same, we installed those rubber thingies at the bottom of the door to prevent dust and slithering creatures from creeping underneath. But I heard some of our neighbors talk about encounters with snakes. So far, we’ve been lucky!

  2. Cel says:

    This is super cute Bjay!

  3. Uy, they say swerte if you find a snake in your home! Taya ka sa lotto dali! Pero di ko lang alam kung swerte ka pa rin kasi pinatay mo. Hahaha!

  4. LHY says:

    grabe, super cute naman your godchild…how we wish meron din tayo niyan 🙂 love the halo….

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