random wednesday 32



mum, my nieces ia and tffee and myself had an all girls’ day out last weekend. first, we ate lunch at david’s tea house, had razon’s halo-halo, bought royce (touted the best chocolate in the world; cost a third of our hearty lunch tab), and merrily cruised the chichi greenbelt 1 to 5 malls. mum was in a shopping spree and had a slip of the tongue, probably due to excitement.


mum: anak, next time let’s go find me a nice bag. yung pang-malling lang.

me: okay, mum. what  do you like? budget? branded, gusto mo?

mum: sure! mas maige na branded para classic. kahit pricey. basta make sure it’s the end of the line! *insert mum’s proud expression here.

me and ia, all together now: end of the line???

our thought bubble: eh di ang pangit nun?!

laughter. mum blushed. she meant “top of the line.” sure, mum. we know that 😀

we are indeed living in strange times. nothwithstanding the worldwide recession, there are bits and pieces of things that’s happening in our world which may or may not catch our fancy or elicit any emotion from us.

read on.

philippine president (who’ll hopefully step down in 2010) + new rice variety name = bansot?


or is this just a wild coincidence? I am laughing hysterically now 😀

making it to vogue’s march 2009 issue. she is quite androgynous, yes. but geez, leave her alone. her detractors kept on saying she looks like a man. so my question for them would be, “but are you the first lady of the U.S. of A?”. naaah. so shut up. 


what’s wrong with this picture? 


boy-dad alfie patten and girlfriend chantelle with THEIR weeks old daughter, maisie. all of which should still be napping individually in the comforts of their own homes, but no. I am not a mother yet, so I am in no position to dictate the best way to raise a child. I can only hope my pamangkins will be spared the circumstance.  

Angels and Demons Movie

the (ed.) presequel to the movie, the da vinci code, angels & demons will have a world premiere in may 2009. personally, I think the debate between religion and science has no beginning nor an end. and somebody could die arguing about it. so let’s just have equal respect for one another, no matter what one person’s choice of belief or order of denomination is.

panoorin na lang natin ang sine.

a few more winks till weekend! can’t wait 😉



10 Responses to random wednesday 32

  1. iYa says:

    Seeeeeeeeeester beige!!! i can just imagine your mother dearest!!! how cute……and my namesake ia…im sure dalaga na!!! regards to ur muma!

    “i so enjoy your blogs” hahaha…kaya i visit it once in a while…and thanks i “nenoked” papa lloydie’s pic!!! waaaaaaaaah lovely!!!!! bwahahahaaaa

    take care sis!!! mmmmmmuah

  2. newman says:

    nice post,


  3. scrappylife says:

    naku ha. read about the boy-dad sa inquirer the other day. di ko tuloy alam kung saan MAS kukulo dugo ko. susme! e ni hindi pa nga alam nung bata kung ano ibig sabihin ng “financial” e!
    hmmmp…matitigan na lang nga uli ang picture ni papa lloydie…


    sana feb.25 na!!!!! 🙂

  4. Alby says:

    I am so looking forward to Angels and Demons!

    And I am so looking forward to scrapping this Saturday.

    Neighbor, if you have time, feel free to drop by so we can scrap together. Baka mahawa ako sa iyong creative juices.

  5. cookie A. says:

    hi Bjay!! really love reading your posts!!! very informative at nakakaaliw pa!!! uy kita kits tayo to scrap again!!!

  6. lee i says:

    hahaha. funny naman si nanay. btw, hindi prequel si angels and demons ha. same character but entirely different story.

  7. Liza says:

    Bjay, na-imagine ko si mader saying that line to you! LOL! Kaaliw in a good way ha.

  8. Nina says:

    Kapatid, am always entertained when I visit your blog. Sa ‘yo ko naririnig ang mga cool updates around the globe. Plus the personal kuwentos and wonderful layouts are always inspiring! =)

    Hehe. Am so glad somebody else knows the Rico Blanco song. Feeling mutant ako kasi mga teenage na pamangkin ko lang may mga alam nun. Haha. Would love to see your take on the song, kapatid, as your layouts are always so cool.

    By the way, congrats on the Studio Azul win! Way to go! =)


  9. sandrayu says:

    hi bjay,

    i know that chocolate!! super..mega..todo..over sa sarap yan, my officemate gave me some of those royce..heaven ang sarap! bigay ng client namin…

    and about alfie…sobra din, when i get to read it..can’t believe! when i was 13 ..medyo naglalaro pa ata ko..grabe! he looks 8 yo to me..

    dami mo laging chika…kaaliw!

  10. Mei Ann says:

    Hello Bjay, Know what? You are not only an excellent paper crafter, you are also a very witty writer! I really enjoy reading your posts. Keep it coming! Cheers!

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