I am now officially an insecure person.

BB Gandanghari

 *photo was obtained through a forwarded email. shortly after, I found out that this amazing shot was the handiwork of lensman and fellow kawiteño, niccolo cosme.  




11 Responses to tarush.

  1. Is this Rustom Padilla a.k.a. Bebe Gandanghari? 😉

  2. bjay says:

    korek, malaking check! 😀

  3. Mei Ann says:

    Is this really Rustom? Wohoo! Kung ganon, malaki pang pag-asa ko! Cheers Bjay!

  4. anam says:

    ps. its been photoshopped to death as well 😦

  5. leasanders says:

    Bjay, this is a guy, right?

  6. Marix says:

    winner! susme patay na nga c rustom bwahahhahaha

  7. bjay says:

    right on, anam! hey, thanks for swinging by. congrats again for being a flower gurl! woooootttt 😀

  8. bjay says:

    yes, yes, yes, lea! he used to be this beautiful man named rustom of the famous padilla clan of philippine cinema. google him under ‘images’ and you’ll know why 😉

  9. bjay says:

    oo, mei ann. ako ay naniniwala na hindi pa huli ang lahat para sa atin.

  10. Ate Lil says:

    Hi bjay! You are one funny lady! Just visiting for some inspiration…Happy L-O-V-E Day!

  11. Olive says:

    josko day! mas maganda pa ang bakla sa atin…aba kailangan ingatan ang ating mga fezlak ng maging diyosa ang kagandahan natin!

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