random wednesday 31


being under the weather for the better part of the past week took its toll on me and dear. for one, I wasn’t able to scrap or blog or even join message boards. all I wanted to do was clear my airways and sleep. I had bouts of migraine attacks and had to force myself to be well in time for a weekend facepainting gig. but all’s good now — I was able to pass on the plague to my poor officemates who are now taking sick leaves one after the other. sorry, office-maties! 😀     

so who loves wearing belts?


cintura is a local brand whose line-up of fabulous belts vary from sheer foxiness to the mainstream regular belts. it’s reasonably priced and may be ordered online. I believe they can also custom-make according to your liking. I especially like this one from the habi line. I can so see myself wearing it over a white tunic blouse paired with my trusty levi’s flared denim jeans. another bet of mine is below. nice 😉


so what’s wrong with being so young, so talented, so rich and so famous? domestic squabbles can be magnified and you can get all your endorsement deals suspended. alleged “aggressor” chris brown, 19, can face up to 9 years for “physically assaulting” rihanna, 20 (robyn fenty in real life), the night prior to the grammy’s where they were both set to perform individually. brown, who once said he will never touch a woman like that for he has seen how his own mother suffered physical abuse, seems to be doing otherwise. that is, if we were to believe the rumor mills. rihanna has since flown back to her home in barbados to recover from the trauma of what happened.   


okay. I want you to listen and closely watch this new usher video entitled, trading places. grabe, hotness 😀 the lyrics, the beat and the scenes itself are enough to bring the house down. don’t you think the girl looks like leona lewis?

this beautiful baby is not an anne geddes model. she is chloe, my godchild. isn’t she just adorable? I just wanted to share her picture with you.


would also like to share with you my second project for buzz and bloom™. please check out the other design team’s work here. it’s a goldmine of ideas, I tell you!


valentine’s day in a couple of days! grand plans, small plans, just make sure you spread the L-O-V-E. we all need a dose of that.


XOXO to you and to you!



5 Responses to random wednesday 31

  1. Archie says:

    Get those migraine headaches in check, Beejay, as latest research shows that these can lead to CVA’s (strokes) if left untreated. Ask your physician about medications such as Relpax, Imitrex, Midrin, or Excedrin which can help relieve migraines. There is also a medication called Topamax which is used for migraine prevention.
    As for Chris Brown, it doesn’t surprise me one bit on what happened to him. Much too often, people who are exposed to nothing but abuse from a young age end up being abusers themselves. No matter what they say, their subconscious eventually take over in those ‘impulsive’ situations. It’s unfortunate for Chris. I hope it’s not too late for him to salvage what’ left of his tainted image. Sayang, my daughter Tori likes his music too!

  2. lee i says:

    ang ganda ng inaanak. and hope you have success with your goals. you should be very inspired everytime you see your artsy “reminder”.

  3. Candy says:

    Hehehe! Bjay talaga! You never fail to inspire as well as make me gag in laughter! Thanks for the thumbs up ha? I do so love your godchild’s photo! Parang anghel!!! More reason to scrap this lovely photo! It actually looks like a photo from a magazine LO!

  4. Gracie says:

    Hope you’ll feel better soon. Ako din on and off ang colds Ko since December. Must be the frequent changes sa weather. Too bad for Rihanna Kung totoo nga yung rumors about Chris Brown beating her up. I like both artists pa naman and oh Usher! I saw on of his concerts pero sa TV Lang and he’s really good! Hotness all over! Hehe.

    Your goddaughter is adorable! Her photo almost looks like one of those angel paintings. And finally your B&B project rocks! Galing! Good luck with the resolutions. Hehe.

  5. sandra yu says:

    daming chika..oo nga kaka insecure ang bebe gandanghari. nice layouts mo…see u soon

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